As most of you know I have been on the road trying to bring my newest, and perhaps my last book, before the public eye. From my first book through my 12th I have wanted to share my ideas on design in several areas to whom ever had an interest in that subject and my particular style. This book is rather different as it is a pictorial memoir where I share some of my life with the dreams, some of the successes and some of the failures of over six decades.

We all know the difficulty of travel today. It is not that easy nor comfortable or even civilized, don’t roll your eyes please. it is a fact. Yet once I get through the traffic and the lines and the security, scrutiny and arrive at the destination be it Iowa or Texas and connect with the people who asked me to come, everything changes. All is better. It is the people and their interest in one’s work that makes the trip worthwhile. These last three weeks is a perfect example of this phenomena. In Cedar Rapids Iowa to Texas including  Big D,  Fort Worth and Houston I was received with such warmth and generosity of spirit that it makes every inconvenience; leaving family, my dogs, the homes where I feel safe and happy a joyous event. I have felt loved in these wonderful places and there is no greater feeling than that.

With all the problems and divisions  in the world at large and in our country; if we could somehow make the gift of friendship to a stranger, the gift of tolerance and the desire to cross the divide between our fellow man and woman what a beautiful world we could build.

I have always been a “Pollyanna” (for you who know who she was) and am always assuming the best until proven otherwise. For some this is just a basket of cliches, but I stand by the concept that cliches exist because there is usually truth and most often just plain old common sense behind them. So in the spirit of gratitude and Thanksgiving, thank you Iowa, divine Texas and America you are the best!


More leaves for the pumpkin pies

This simple leaf cookie cutter is one I use all of the time

Pumpkin house at the wonderful Arboretum in Dallas Texas

Can you believe they bring in 10,000 pumpkins for the autumn display

A bouquet from many many autumns ago so simple viburnum berries, mums in autumn colors , spray roses  in a yellow orange  , dahlias and golden coxcomb. I love it in contrast to the blue and white porcelain.