This last year has been like a feverish dream of designing, plotting, planning, executing, waiting and anticipating (and then waiting some more!) but we have finally arrived at this moment and I am so ecstatic to share it with you! Tina from The Enchanted Home and I are thrilled to bring you one of my personal favorites from our collaboration together – our lily-of-the-valley dinnerware. This includes lunch and dinner plates in two different sizes, styles and colors. In crisp blue and white (which has become a signature color combination for both of us!) and the perfect hue of green that will take you from the festive winter holidays to springtime soirees, these plates will quickly become your go-to pattern when you are trying to pull together a chic table for an event or serve a casual, elegant lunch.  Their versatility is a dream for those of us who love to be creative with our entertaining!
I have always considered a beautifully set table to be the height of elegance and my love letter to my guests and the china I select is often the focal point of those efforts.  When I set my table, I love to tell a story.  As a collector of china patterns (I’ve coined myself the Imelda Marcos of plates), I’m always looking at their intricacies to enhance the vision I’m trying to convey to my guests or the overall feel I’m trying to achieve with my table. An elevated table is my way of making my guests feel special and welcome. It’s my way of expressing gratitude for their friendship and the effort they have made to spend time with me.
When Tina and and were discussing what motif to use on our china, lily-of-the-valley seemed a natural fit. May is my birth month so I’ve always adored lily-of-the-valley and Tina has gravitated to this flower in the past as well and showcased it in a variety of ways on her website. In the Victorian language of flowers, lily-of-the valley meant “return of happiness” and after these last few challenging years, who wouldn’t welcome that?
We’ve captured the nostalgia many have for lily-of-the-valley while offering you a more updated interpretation. In short, these are not your grandmother’s dinner plates (but they will bring you back to cherished memories of loved ones and their love of this flower). Our take on lily-of-the-valley is unfussy and clean.  The colors are versatile and can be used any time of the year.  Their shape is polished but modern and will look as perfect on your holiday table, with all the bells and whistles, as it does on your casual rattan tray as you eat lunch al fresco with a friend.
As you can see, we had a wonderful time imagining them in a variety of different tabletop scenarios.  We cannot wait to see the tabletops you create with yours!
The luncheon plates have just arrived and the dinner-size plates will be here in about three weeks! We are offering a limited, special introductory pricing which is a very rare opportunity to be among the first to own this fabulous dinnerware.

To be one of the first to order and receive this exclusive offer, order here.

Happy Shopping to all!