Tina, of The Enchanted Home fame, and I might both attribute kismet to the force behind our most recent collaboration as the alignment or our artistic visions is fairly undeniable in some of the work we do!  However, in truth, my assistant, Rosa, did a bit of intuitive matchmaking. After seeing an enthusiastic amount of blue and white in The Enchanted Home’s Instagram feed, she immediately recognized that we are both charmingly fanatical about this color combo (as seen in my book A Passion for Blue and White from 2008). Rosa reached out to Tina. We met (virtually) just over a year ago and the rest was, as they say, history.

Needless to say, I began my research of further understanding Tina’s chic aesthetic by familiarizing myself with her beautifully curated website. I quickly discovered we had an affinity for many of the same things and a mutual admiration for each other’s work quickly blossomed. Tina sent me a magnificent blue and white tulipiere from The Enchanted Home – a piece I simply adore.


Tina and I also share a longstanding love of gift wrapping. In 2001, I designed and sold a line of gift wrapping paper and accessories on my website, which inspired me to write my book Presentations in 2005. To me, gift wrapping is a version of a first impression (and sets the tone for our most festive and personal holidays) and in Tina, I found a fellow enthusiast in impeccable presentation. We both agree that the charm and beauty of a gift is often in its well-considered packaging.  

I had recently completed a painting of lily-of-the-valley (which, as my birth flower, has been a life-long favorite of mine).  Tina had just done a set of cards with the same flower for her website so this theme seemed fitting for our inaugural endeavor! 

Today, we are so thrilled to introduce you to our lily-of-the-valley gift wrapping, the first in our line of products together to be released! 

It’s unbelievable to think that throughout this exciting process and partnership we have not met face-to-face because of COVID!  Despite these uniquely challenging times (which affected everything from production to delivery) ours has been a true marriage of our collective professional experience, enhanced by our individual tastes and deep love of design and entertaining. These products are a reflection of the way we love to live and gather guests in our homes. We hope they bring joy and beauty to your tables and celebrations!

Stay tuned for the second part of our collaboration to be unveiled in days to come. I can’t wait to share the next products – they are one of my personal favorites!  

The Enchanted home has special introductory offers on our collaborative line that you won’t want to miss. You may purchase our new products on The Enchanted Home’s website.

Happy Shopping!