Sharing the Floral Explosion of an Extraordinary Spring


I know I have shared many images of this year’s spring garden, but I’m going to show you some more, simply because this spring has been one of the most dazzling we have had in northwestern Connecticut. I sent you tulips, but following them are the glorious peonies, alium, perennials, including poppies and nepeta.

In addition to the plethora of these flowers, I have also noticed that for some reason the light and shadow in the garden is spectacular, especially in the evening.  I don’t know if there’s a connection but they both have been beyond beautiful.

In the pictures above, you see the alium, nepita, and the beautiful rhododendron. After years of rather disappointing blooms from the latter, I was ready to pull them up and give up on that plant. And voila, this year they have been extraordinary.

The German Bearded Iris and peonies in the perennial border bloomed at the same time.


As most of you know, the peony is one of my all time favorite flowers. With just a few, you have easy an instant bouquet. The table above was for a spring lunch – I’ve always loved mixing pink flowers with the blue and white dishes.

Some call me the queen of blue and white because of my book on that subject, but the combination is eternal and goes with every other color – just think of nature’s blue and white backdrop, the sky. The blue and white table linens are from a small collection of embroidered linens I am planning for the future – but that’s a whole other story!

Another marvelous flower are the oriental poppies (above). I love them in salmon, brilliant red-orange, and white. Their petals remind me of a beautiful piece of thin taffeta silk, and they are so thin,  the sun shines through them, creating another type of magic, as seen below.

Thanks to our season of” English type”  weather with all of the rain, the greens of the garden have been extraordinary . The green velvet like lawn, the shade garden – the richest it’s ever been, and as I mentioned earlier, the light has been remarkable (below).

The hostas, ferns, and ligularia (below).

A last view of the perennial garden and the peony border together. It was so much fun to watch it unfold as more and more flowers began to bloom. this has been a spring to remember.

The season moves rapidly and we are now in summer, and the roses will be my next love. Hope you enjoy this little video I have shared on Instagram.