The doctors say I’m lucky to be alive. They said if I survived, mine would be a multi-year recovery with no guarantee of regaining 100% of my physical or cognitive functions. Apparently middle-aged broads from the Midwest like a good challenge and, ten months later, I feel almost fully recovered.

This sentiment is anchored in deep and genuine gratitude and, like an anchor, it also possesses quite a bit of heft. What does one do when they find themselves in the position of being given a second chance? Where does life go from here?

I narrowed it down to linking my two greatest loves: design and dogs.

Which brings me today to proudly announce the launch of my “The Birds & The Bees” jewelry collection, with proceeds going to dog and cat shelters across the US through my new initiative “Going to the Dogs.”

The process of designing these 18 pieces of jewelry with the renowned Ciner was the best therapy imaginable. Being back in the wide world of fashion and business again, after months of slow rehabilitation, was just what this gal needed. I have always thrived amid my projects. From the time I was a child, creativity has shaped everything I am, and without my work, I wouldn’t be me.

I got tremendous joy in reinterpreting Ciner’s mid-century castings into a distinct collection including bracelets, cuffs, necklaces, earrings, belts, and a pin.

Each item is made to order and produced by hand, using the finest materials including 18k gold plating, rhodium, Swarovski crystals, pewter, and brass.

I focused on Ciner’s classic bee – important environmentally and finally getting the attention it deserves, along with their dove – anything in the bird world attracts me, and their majestic dragon – often the staring role in my favorite Chinoiserie.

Ciner is still family owned and operated after 127 years. Elizabeth Taylor was a long-standing customer and collector. It is the only surviving fine costume jewelry company that designs, manufactures and produces each piece in their Manhattan atelier. With my modus operandi being quality craftsmanship, this partnership was an obvious choice.

“Going to the Dogs” was an easy decision – my dogs are my second family and I am never happier than when I’m surrounded by them. Cuddling and caring for them during my recovery gave me the very things all people need to continue – love and hope!

My house has been a revolving door of rescue animals and we’ve had as many as thirteen dogs at one time. These rescues have come from different sources; divorces, actual shelters, taking a dog from the fallout of 9/11 panic, and saving an abused dog from a horrible owner. Helping animals in need has been incredibly fulfilling and a blessing in my life, so it only makes sense for me to expand on this.

‘Going to the Dogs’ is a win-win proposition. Treat yourself or a dear friend this holiday season to some fine jewelry, while helping to rescue animals.

I’m happy to include a personal note.

With great gratitude for so many things, including to you, my dear reader,



The Birds & The Bees jewelry line is available at the Carolyne Roehm Shop.