I have been in one of my obsessive, almost maniacal, cleaning up and organizing modes. Do you remember the Walt Disney film with Mickey Mouse and the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, where the mops go crazy when he’s trying to clean? I feel just like Mickey at Weatherstone. I seem to go into this mode about twice a year. But I’m not really sure what I accomplish because there is always more to clear out or file – still so much stuff. When going through computer archives I found a presentation about interiors that had I given several years ago, and I thought this looks pretty—- why not put it up on my blog. I hope you enjoy it! All of this came from my book A Passion for Interiors.

I have have flown the social media coop for a couple of months  and plan to roost with stories of this fall….just running late as usual  see you next week  cr