Well  I really love RED for the entire year for that matter!!!!!!

I have always loved the color red even before it became the symbolic color of the Reagan Era. I shall spare you all the significance of red in our world and culture as you know all of that already…

Red has played a starring role in my clothing design, flowers, my gardens, interior decoration, table settings and for that matter just about anything I have created.

I still wear a lot of red as it is a high energy color. It can convey strength and boldness when one is not necessarily feeling that way.

Pictured above: My newest red loves (along side my red fur lined moccasins 😍 I just bought) are the chinoiserie bracelets and  earrings I have recently exhibited on this site and during my travels for the new book.

Of course the basic black versions of these pieces are perfect big-time style and the white is my spring /summer pick me up –love it with the blues and blacks– but, the big bold in-your-face combination is the red and gold.

I have decorated in so many colors and combinations for the holidays but red is still my fallback and favorite. Here are a few pictures from my past and current projects on decorating and designing with red: Below you can see the array accessories, reds in my garden, the photo of the model in a red dress I designed was taken by the amazing Irving Penn, costume jewelry, and my newest red passion scented candle.

Red and gold combos for different Christmases in different locations– and these are just a few there have been so many!!!

Of course, the classic Christmas combination is red and green. I do not know the genesis of why this combo became the official colors of the season. It may be because green is the secondary color compliment to red, a primary color. These are the laws color theory. I am sure there is more to it than that but you can look that up as will I.😅

I love mixing red with reds, the range is broad from blue reds to orange reds. When mixing reds of different hues they seem to vibrate. That is the magic of color.


Finally, my go to flowers for Christmas are a mix of and roses and carnations. But after leaving in Paris and going to the flower market when I did my “adult🤣 internship” I discovered the beauty of carnations. This much-maligned flower  is a life saver at Christmas time. In my first book,  A Passion for Flowers,  I wanted to celebrate all flowers -not just the obvious beauties of the flower universe–I always fall for the underdog in everything  and certainly carnations, baby’s breath, chrysanthemums and marigolds were the floral underdogs. I did bouquets with all of these flowers to  showcase the beauty of the everyday but my pride was my use of carnations. I created a carnation Christmas wreath using two colors of red and decorated my entire house with them to prove a point. There are NO bad flowers, only people who do them badly!! I was the first to really be their champion —now we have an enormous array from which to choose. But the one thing that they lack are the wonderful carnation scent which one always found in those coming from the Paris market. Too bad it is a lovely clove scent.

For years the carnation has been the only flower that has a Good Housekeeping seal of approval. They deserve it as they are the troopers of the flower world– they last as long as three weeks if the water is changed and the house is not too hot.  For the wreathes and topiaries that are in soaked oasis, but not in a vase of water, I mist with cool water and it is amazing how long they last as well;–still looking for the finished wreath photo –I need an archivist.

Red walls, red accessories, red packages, red accents… I love them all! Hope you find something that fans a passion for red in your scheme of things. Happy decorating!!!

This week I plan to launch my new web site with Carolyne’s Christmas List. Exhibiting ideas for presents that I love  rom talented friends to help with some last-minute shopping. Fingers crossed all goes well with this launch!! cr  and BYW I may find that wreath photo by then😠🙄

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