I have no idea how many of you remember Elvis Presley singing Blue Christmas but I certainly do. However, when I refer to a blue Christmas I am really referring to my favorite color combination of blue and white taking center stage away from the classic holiday red and green (at least in this holiday post– reds and greens will persist and show up in my next post.)

As I have stated many times in my design book A Passion for Blue and White  (out of print but can still be found in good condition on the internet) this combo is timeless and compliments all colors. The Chinese discovered this thousands of years ago.

This is not my first blue and white Christmas. Every few years I take a new look at this favorite combo and create a new variation on the theme. The blue and white of the bird room in Charleston will be the setting of this years Christmas festivities.

In celebration of a blue and white holiday theme I have made and pulled together some products for gift giving. I am so excited about my new collection of chinoiserie jewelry that I launched 10 days ago. This mini collection comes also in classic black and gold and red and gold. But for the Blue and white Xmas gifts I love the white and gold cuff bracelet, bangle and sexy drop earrings. These pieces are perfect for those warm weather friends in the islands, Palm Beach or California or any place that blue seas meet white sand. I must say that as a brunette who wears a lot of black the white earrings and bracelets make a happy contrast. As an aside do any of you remember when one “ just could not wear white before memorial day nor after labour day”???   Makes me smile now….. out with the old and in with the new.

These blue and white gifts also include note cards and prints of my blue and white paintings and a special edition Blue Pagoda scented candle, which I LOVE as it elegant and feminine and yummy!

These gifts are available at the    Carolyne Roehm Shop.