Clean Up and Look What I Found

I have been in one of my obsessive, almost maniacal, cleaning up and organizing modes. Do you remember the Walt Disney film with Mickey Mouse and the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, where the mops go crazy when he’s trying to clean? I feel just like Mickey at Weatherstone. I seem to go into this mode about twice a year. But I’m not really sure what I accomplish because there is always more to clear out or file – still so much stuff. When going through computer archives I found a presentation about interiors that had I given several years ago, and I thought this looks pretty—- why not put it up on my blog. I hope you enjoy it! All of this came from my book A Passion for Interiors.

I have have flown the social media coop for a couple of months  and plan to roost with stories of this fall….just running late as usual  see you next week  cr


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  1. This is lovely, but way too fast. No one could possibly read the text and the images are so beautiful but you barely get to glimpse them and they are gone. Can you slow it down and re-issue it? I would love to be able to enjoy it!

    • Hi, Karen. I am finding it hard to find the time to post, very busy. This clip was formatted to also share in full via Instagram, so unfortunately it is only brief – sorry about that. I am glad you enjoyed it in despite its brevity. Be well, CR.

  2. Carolyne~~~~simply breathtaking~~~I literally found myself holding my breath! Thank you for posting these stunning photos. I will view this again, again and yet again. Inspiration for some winter projects. Have a lovely day.
    Happily to you~~~

    • Sally, I am honored that you find my post so inspiring – thank you so much! I don’t want to rush Autumn, but will definitely do my best to make the most of what this winter has in store. Be well, CR.

  3. Going through a rough patch at the moment but seeing all this beauty just lifts my spirits. Thank you Carolyne!

    • Maria, thank you for taking the time to appreciate my posts. You can make it through the rough patches – if I can, so can you. I am very hapy to hear what I share is uplifting to you. Be well, Carolyne.

  4. You and your staff embody regal design and the wealth of modern antiquity and nature’s design and color splash. Thank you for your many visual feasts.

  5. It was an absolutely gorgeous presentation of your style and passions. Thank you! I wish there was a way to put it in slow motion so I could have read each page. Loved it.

    • Thank you, Goldie! It has been a very busy time, thank you for taking the time on my blog. The video was formatted via Instagram, which constrains time to a mere minute, which is why it is a quick one. But I’m glad you enjoyed it, albeit brief! All the best, Carolyne.

    • Thank you, Alice. Yes, things have been very busy, but I want to post more reliably! Appreciate your support. Best, CR.

  6. What a wonderful way to begin a Friday in Autumn. So lovely and inspiring; the music was just perfect.
    Many thanks and blessings –
    Wendy Fink

    • Wendy, I am very glad you think so and enjoyed it. Well wishes for you and your’s, Carolyne.

  7. Dear beautiful inside and outside Lady Caroline
    I have all your books they are my pride and joy everytime your emal comes in I happily see that beauty still excist your choices in decoratiing are sooo lovely elegant and feminine !
    Your keen eye for detail is encroyable I know your passion for chateaux as Well still interested in studying one a good friend of mine in FrAnce might need your expertise but I guess you are to busy for that!
    Remember I think you are the best its a better world beause of you keep up making us happy and cheerful🌝

    • Marianne, your warmth and support are incredible! Comments like your’s make my day and help keep me going. I hope you are enjoying the beauty of this Autumn thus far! CR.

    • Hi Lisa
      I long to have another one but I am sure you are aware of how hard it is to go though so many things always saying I might wear
      that one day —it is her for meet let go. Yet I cannot stand seeing good things lie around useless. Shall let you know when I get around to that. hope all is well for you.

  8. Hi Carolyne,
    Wishing you health and happiness for Autumn 2017. I’m blown away every time I get to see your elegant images. Tell me more about the pedestal mounted marble bust at Weatherstone, not far from the fire place. French? Also, the classical style statue in the garden always makes me yearn for Italy. It also makes me want to go drink a big bourbon on a New Orleans patio. So happy I’m on your list.
    Virginia Billeaud Anderson

      I am sorry to say I bought that statue so many years ago, it is one of a pair, but I can longer remember where I bought it and what it’s provenance is. I am sure it in some file that the book keeper might have but I have no idea where that could possibly be. I need to get an easily accessible file for this information but then I should do so many things but finding the time is the issue. The statue out
      in the garden I bought from a gal named Barbara Israel who sells antique garden objects. I’ll go join you in New Orleans for that glass of bourbon. cr

      • My Dear Carolyne,
        Thank you for this reply. So generous when you take the time to write, you are so busy. It would be my pleasure to treat you to a bourbon, or vino or coffee/tea if you go to New Orleans, or if you have business in Houston, which is less charming. (Many years back I heard you speak in Houston.) So do me the honor of being my guest for a drink if you ever come. My cell is 713 408-6187 and email is Happy news about gardens and antiques – this morning Donnie, my husband, bought me a camellia for an empty pot, and gave me the money to purchase a lovely 19th century landscape. It dates to 1890s and has a similar tone to it as the Barbizon landscapes, except the scene is British. I pick it up tomorrow at the antique store. I’m thrilled. Virginia Billeaud Anderson

        • I’m finding time to write for leisure more sparse, but very much enjoy sharing here when I can. I’m so glad you appreciate it, thank you so much, Virginia. That is such a thoughtful and lovely invitation – thank you, I will keep it in mind. Your husband is so sweet to give you such a precious gift. The landscape sounds tremendous. Warmly, CR.

  9. Dear Carolyne,

    What a beautiful beginning to my day.. I will save this to view many times. While I have all of your books and love them – seeing this presentation with lovely music added swept me away leaving all of the negative feelings from the news dissolving. What a lovey gift you have given us.

    It is soulful and soothing. I am a grateful recipient and appreciate you sharing your talents. Thank you with from a
    loving fan!


    • Dear Marilyn,
      Thank you for your lovely comments. We all need things that soothe us at times like these. As we have all seen in this last month how destructive mother nature can be with hurricanes and earthquakes and it is horrifying to witness all the pain that people are enduring at this time. On the other hand staying in touch with nature helps keep me sane in this crazy world…. I’m happy it does the same for you c

  10. I live in Spain andI have tried always to get anything you have publisht , to me you are the greatest decorator in and outdoors , thank you very very much because you have enriched our lives,please keep on cleaning up !!!!

    • Hi Birgit Thank you for your comments I hope all is well in beautiful Spain. It has been many many years since my visit and I want to revisit before too long. best carolyne

  11. You are the Sorceress Carolyne! If only we could clone you – Or borrow your energy for just a day (sigh)

  12. Dear Carolyne,
    So beautiful. Triumph over disaster. You inspire me everyday – though I must say on quite a smaller scale.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  13. What a lovely presentation.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Might you tell me who or what group made the music?

  14. I have this book of yours (and a few others), but it was nice seeing it as it was displayed in the above video; that made me go back and go through your book all over again. You are indeed talented.

    • Thank you several have mentioned it was too fast and indeed it was but it was the introduction to a lecture I gave on decoration and I guess th mediums did not mix…… thanks c.

  15. Absolutely beautiful! You are one of the most talented designers I have ever known. Your extraordinary, both interior and exterior, is a God given gift. It is so impressive that you have chosen to share your gifts of beauty to the world. Keep the blogs and books coming. You continue to inspire us all.

    I remain one of your BIGGEST FANS.

    Donna Chappel
    Donna Chappel Interiors

    • Dear Donna you have been a loyal reader and I appreciate that very very much. I hope all is well in your creative world. I will try to keep some posts coming but frankly I have been working on a new book and that has consumed a lot of my time c

  16. Carolyne, you live a rarified life, surrounded by beauty, yet you manage to come across as a nice, normal person. How you have managed to stay that way is a mystery to me, but it’s part of the reason I enjoy reading your posts.

  17. Dear Carolyne,
    Utterly gorgeous, thank you for sharing this beauty along with the lovely music. Would be even better if the speed could be a little slower so we could get a longer look at all of the beauty. Looking forward to your next fantastic book!

    • Thanks Sandra…I know that it was too fast but something happened and I did not know what I had done!

  18. Your interiors could bring a grown woman (me for example) to tears. This is one incredible compilation of your talent and insight into beauty and comfortable elegance. And the choice of music is stunning too. Hope you’ll post something on the book you’re working on (if I understood one of your comments above). Be well

    • Oh, thank you very much, Kim! Sometimes I can’t fathom it all, but I am grateful to be doing what I love, and to be sharing it with others whom share the same interests. I am eager to post on my book, thank you. Will do so as soon we can. In the meanwhile, I hope to have new products based on my paintings and designs up for sale on my website this coming week – stay tuned. Be well, Carolyne.

  19. Any hints on what the new book will be about?. Missed your posts, was wondering if all was well and your Mom doing well. Look forward to your upcoming posts.God knows that we all need a sabbatical every now and then. Best wishes..

    • Thank you so much, Peter. My mother is doing ok, thank you. I have been so busy, but want to make time to post. The book is in very early stages, but I look forward to sharing more soon! I will, however, be posting new products based on my paintings and designs this coming week – least that is the plan! Warm wishes to you, Carolyne.

  20. That fabulous music complemented the beauty of your images so perfectly. I was transported to a world of pure pleasure. A welcome respite from today’s political realities. Thank you so much for sharing with us the beautiful world you have created. Bonne chance with your new book.

    • That’s always what I hope for those who take the time to check out my blog. I’m so happy to hear it was a respite for you, Yvonne! Thank you for the well wishes. Best to you, CR.

  21. Carolyne you are a true artist. Your sense of color and design is so breathtaking. You never disappoint.
    My girlfriends and I will be visiting Charleston for my 60th birthday next spring. Can you recommend some
    interesting house tours we could take? Any special activities you would recommend.
    Continue gracing us with your beautiful projects……they are so inspiring.

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