The Many Colors of Christmas Part II

I survived the cold and thanks to your nice responses have cheered up considerably—enough to venture out yesterday in a Connecticut snowstorm to do a very small  bit of Christmas shopping. Still not searching for the usual 18  to 21 foot tree that I have put up in the past ( a necessity- or at least I felt at the time- when every  living room ceiling in your homes are double and  a whopping 25″ high). I am still thinking small – very small but at least I am thinking.

As promised a couple of other ideas for color combinations for Christmas decorating that I have used. Of course blue and white is always a wonderful option and while I like it in my cold regions of New England and Colorado it is obviously great for the folks in the warmer climates.

DSC08166 copy

Blue and white Aptware mixed with simple green boxwood bouquets. Buy a bundle of boxwood, place a chunk of oasis in what ever containers you are using, soak that with water.  Cut sprigs of boxwood and then clip to the height you want. Sometimes I leave the shapes natural looking as pictured above  or I do a hard  clip of the boxwood into a real topiary shape. Both ways are good looking.


DSC08159 copy

For the presents I coordinate my gift wrapping of course–I could have also used boxwood as on the package as well.

A different blue and white Christmas mixed with boxwood and undecorated greens.

DSC09177 copy

I move all most of the furniture out of the morning to to have  from two to four tables of ten for a Christmas party.

DSC09213 copy

I usually grow paper whites and I love the simplicity, yet boldness,  of them surrounded by green wreaths in the big white vases. The scale of the urns with the wreath and the columns create a focal point in the room.

DSC09236 copy


DSC09244 copy

I grow so many paper whites ( in the past that is…) that I could use them as cut flowers as well. I know many people think the fragrance too strong but I love the mix of paper whites, balsam, boxwood and juniper—for me it smells like Christmas.

DSC09258 copy

Each blue and white table has different classes and table service. I like to mix services and things so the table are not identical that way so it does not look like a “event “.


For a more subtle coloration than reds, silver and golds one of my favorites is mixing greens. I have done so many variations on this theme but I am showing just a couple here. ( one of my very favorite is featured in my book A Home with Carolyne Roehm—but I could not find the picture  for this post).I have done many variations upon this theme  and  I  suppose I return again and again to it because it is serene and classic.

fall jpegs_SBecquet370

Mixing green textures is easy and so pretty. In the wreath above  I used a balsam base, which I buy or have made and then add boxwood, different types of juniper;  golden or the one with the blue berry.  I alternate the mix of green textures  from year to year sometimes using green hypericum berries, snowberry, lemon leaves —what ever I find. In the past I would glue gun real fruit to the wreath but it becomes very heavy. Because the quality of ” fake “-(faux  sounds better in French naturally)  has gotten so good I now use that; especially on wreaths but in the bowl below the wreath there are real green grapes and granny smith apples.

fall jpegs_xmas2011015-forPresentations

As I mention above sometimes I trim the boxwood for a more geometric look.

fall jpegs_xmas2011016-forPresentations

Granny smith, green grape and boughs of arborvitae is another option to lemon leaves or boxwood.


Scan 8

Multiple shades of green were the theme for the gift wrapping.

fall jpegs_SBecquet399-forPresentations

The mantle at Weatherstone with a simple balsam as a base; I then added lemon leaves, ( magnolia or camellias leaves are beautiful as well ), boxwood and pinecones.

fall jpegs_SBecquet404


Scan 9

At my former apartment in Aspen I tied greens on the antique trophies and secured them grosgrain ribbon bowsIMG_0165

My favorite plaid ribbon, golden juniper, eucalyptus pods and lemon leaves decorate a package wrapped in brown paper bags.


Scan 10

At the stable at Weatherstone one year I did the “people rooms” in brown and mixed greens. The horses loved it!


The tack room at Weatherstone with greens pinecones and a sprinkling of snow for a more rustic Christmas  style.

I have soooo many different Christmas images but must stop for now and go back to shopping!  – thanks cr

22 thoughts on “The Many Colors of Christmas Part II

  1. Carolyne,
    There just aren’t enough superlatives for how beautiful each photograph is.
    Merry Christmas,

  2. Dear Carolyne,
    Pour que l’événement le plus banal devienne une aventure,il faut se mettre à le raconter.

  3. Once just gets better and the tartan bows and my favourite——mimosa.I can smell the fragrance from here.Thank you.

  4. Carolyne, as bloggers one never knows how a post may touch the life of the reader. I have been a bit blue today since we decided to forego decoratin the house this year. We’re leaving for Christmas in New Orleans with family there where decorations and goodies will abound. Your post lifed my spirits and made me feel the spirit again! Thank you and have yourself a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  5. Carolyne, Such beautiful inspiration for the holidays! Thank you for taking the time to post. I love your hurricanes on the mantle. Are they old or new? I have had a hard time finding any and have been looking for quite some time.
    Such gorgeous tables…
    Thank you,

  6. Luscious! As usual. LOVE looking at your various creations. They (and YOU) are most inspiring. I’ve always thought NOTHING can beat a green wreath with a red bow, the ultimate in Christmas simplicity. I think I like your green themes best of all, although it’s difficult to choose, isn’t it? since each of the colors look so beautiful in all the various incarnations you present. A different color theme each year keeps the look, and us, fresh and festive, doesn’t it? Thanks for taking the time to share, Carolyne. It’s like getting two Christmas gifts from you.

  7. I love those simple greens and apples and grapes and pine cones most of all. I’m so glad that the days of magenta and silver on black artificial nonsense are a thing of the past now, (although I must confess to seeing a fair few magenta/black/silver uglies around London this year). Here I am only the third day in England, jet-lag is lifting and I’ve already brought mistletoe and branches into the cottage. So much more satisfying that artificial, contrived stuff. I suppose that’s what has always attracted me to your books Carolyne; that lovely natural cleanness. Hope the rest of your Christmas preparations come along smoothly and easily, and leave you in a happy, relaxed state. 🙂

  8. So beautiful and well done. Thank you for sharing. I would love to know who makes the blue goblets and highballs in the 3rd and 6th photos. Merry Christmas!

  9. Hi Carolyne So glad you are feeling more like Christmas today. Just love all the blue and white and especially love the green plaid ribbon and eucalyptus pods, or as we call them here in Australia – gum nuts. Everything is beautiful!

  10. Marvelous post, and such lovely images. We definitely channel the same inspirations. This year we are forgoing our usual focus on green as the dominant Chrsitmas color at Darlington, and are decorating using a heavily pink-inspired theme. Think pink! I’m calling it a “Candyland Christmas,” which sounds awful, but will resonate with those of use over 50 (ahem) who played the board game of the same name as chidren. Trust me, it isn’t horrible! Reggie

  11. Merry Christmas, Carolyne! Thank you for your gift of style and sense that all of us can enjoy and learn from! Love to you and your family!

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  13. Hola Carolyn te escribo en espanol porque es mas facil para mi expresarme en estos momentos, espero que puedas entender un poco. Hace un tiempo tambien reduje mi super pino grande por un arbol de mesa, si de unos 5 pies. Este ano tengo cajas que ni siquiera he abierto, porque ya no le caben mas adornos al arbolito (como le decimos aqui en el tropico). Pero igual se ve de bello!!! Tengo adornos en casi toda la casa y banos, pero ya pase por lo que tu bien describes. No kids, just my husband and me. Tenia 4 adorables rottweilers, pero ya solo queda una Grethel que tiene 12 anos. No obstante se que conservas el espiritu de la Navidad en ti. Disfruto mucho tu blog y tus fotos de Navidad en diferentes colores son excepcionales! Muchas felicidades y espero que sigas sintiendote mejor. Espero encuentres quien te traduzca todo esto!!!!
    Felicidades, Alta

  14. So beautiful… I love all your lovely settings! Your setting are so inviting and comfortable!

  15. How talented are you ! and how generous ! Thank you for sharing such inspirational images and taking the time to post for everyone else when you probably weren’t really feeling like it. Every best wish for Christmas and the New Year.

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