A Labor of Love

FINALLY I can announce that my paintings as limited edition prints, are now available through my website. I know I’ve been promising this for sometime, but as you have also witnessed, my expected timeframes and reality are often skewed!  I always seem to be running behind.

I would like to start by thanking so many of you readers for encouraging me to do this, as this support and your questions about the availability of my paintings spurred me on to try this new venture.  As many of you know, my painting world first started as an evolution to my garden design, flower arranging planting, and most recently photography in my last two books. I first took watercolor lessons about five years ago and used flowers as my practice models for my first (amateur) paintings.  Like any aspiring artist I looked at the masters of this art form, specifically Maris Sybila Merian, and studied how they portrayed it. With this close observation of their work, I learned that really looking and studying the flower or insect to paint now enhances how I look at everything. I don’t just see a flower but every leaf, petal and butterfly wing with  amazement. The wonder of Mother Nature astounds ands thrills me more than ever! Unfortunately I have not had the time to take many more courses, so much of my learning has had to be self taught.  Life is so complicated – or as my mother would point out, I probably am the one who makes it that way. 

I have always loved traditional botanical drawings and paintings and admire the mastery of today’s artist who must have the patience of an angel to both draw and paint like that.  I gravitated to a more modern approach, creating oversized paintings with bold color, that are a fantasy out of my mind, and not as specifically scientific as traditional botanicals. 

People have also asked me if I would also offer framing or framing tips and while I cannot go into the framing business,  I am certainly open to questions and you can ask though this blog or the website. The need of different sizes for different spaces is why I decided to offer the paintings in four sizes. As I said I have painted the originals in three sizes but decided a smaller size, for easy grouping, was probably needed. You can see the different sizes listed here under each individual print https://www.carolyneroehmshop.com/prints/  I have tried to make this as simple as possible – really for people like me who have trouble navigating anything on the net!

For those of you who are considering a size I suggest you take a piece of paper such as kraft or newspaper, cut it to the size you want and try it on your wall to see if it works in your space. 

 Below are some photos of the paintings in different sizes, and in different types of frames at Weatherstone and Chisolm House. 




Below are example of traditional frames (gold and lacquer) in traditional settings,  the bamboo frame should work with anything, and the modern gallery frame in a simple setting. 



Another inspiration and interest is the painting of birds – the bird room at Chisolm House was inspired by a painting by Paul De Vos I bought in France. As my stoneware below is testament to, I have been fascinated by one of Mother Nature’s masterpieces of creation for a long time.

I thought it might be interesting  for you to see a close-up of  a couple of the paintings –  a close up of a Cockatoo with Giant Lemon and  Butterfly with Pomegranate.

Lastly (I know this is a long post) here are the paintings offered in note card format. I have always loved paper products such as stationery, note cards, menus, place cards and wrapping paper, so I could not resist the temptation to transpose the paintings into a small size. To me, nothing can replace a beautifully, hand written note, although I know so many of us revert to email and digital cards these days. I think these would make a nice Mother’s Day gift, and I also use them as gift tags. The note cards come in an assorted box of ten, with two cards of each print, in three different combinations and are available here https://www.carolyneroehmshop.com/notecards-1/


This really has been a labor of love, and I do hope you enjoy them.  Pretty please tell your friends and family about them, and again thank you all for your encouragement.

Gosh , I forgot to say each print will be hand signed by me on the front in pencil, the traditional way to sign a water color. If  you would like me to personalize I have a label that will go on the back with the personalization. 

To answer a couple of questions from the early comments:

The prints are printed by art photography printers on the highest quality art paper from Germany. 

They are shipped in a crush proof tube in a cellophane envelope for each size. The small size 8×10 is shipped protected in a Fed Ex box.


74 thoughts on “A Labor of Love

  1. Carolyne, I am speechless seeing the magnificence of your work.So much to absorb and I really envy your creativness in all that you do..Just beautiful! X

    • Thank you Wendy, it is such a pleasure to be able to share these with all my readers now, cr

  2. Your talents and being productive and sharing with others is admirable. You continue
    The old fashioned and elegance that seem to be discontinued in many lifestyles!

    Your flower paintings and photography is original and unique. You are generous in
    suggestions to help others in creativity and good taste. Thanks for bring there and
    Making our lives more interesting.

    • June, I am humbled by your beautiful comments….thank you. I’m grateful to read that there are more ‘old fashioned’ types like myself out there! cr

  3. They are lovely. Any pictures from the balls you attended and the wonderful dresses?

  4. How wonderful of you to share your experiences, and now results, of your artistic personal growth with us, your ardent fans.

    While perusing your on-line shop for these products, I have a few clarifications, if you will.

    Could you please tell me the condition of the print as we would receive it–is it, for example, on thin paper or heavy stock? Will it need to be mounted on something else before framing, or can it be framed “as is”?

    Could you also please tell me if the card stock for the notecards is glossy or matte?

    If I may include a personal note, please continue to share lots of photos of your fabulous tablescapes and place settings. I know I speak for all in saying they are a constant source of inspiration to those of us who wish to be the best at maintaining the tradition of showing our guests how deeply we care about making their experiences in our homes unforgettable. As you alluded to in your handwritten note comment–one which I share as well with everyone all the time–making the effort to “make it grand” is, sadly, a dying art, I’m afraid. However, those of us who strongly believe in these traditions will continue to work hard so our “tech-based, eat on the run” descendants can see and learn the true definition of graciousness. Thank you for blessing us with your lead.

    • Thank you for these kind words Jan. To answer your question, the prints are down on quite heavy stock, and they can be framed as is, or backed, really depends on the style of frame you select. Love your mention of ‘making it grand’ – most certainly something to keep aspiring to everyday, cr

  5. Carolyne,
    Beautiful art work! I just bought a copy of Passion for Flowers. Better late than never! I was so inspired I made several flower arrangements with fresh and silk flowers. What a fantastic book! I think I have all but one of your books. I enjoy looking at them over and over. Thank you for the inspiration. Lynn

    • Thank you Lynn, and glad you’re enjoying Flowers – and I trust will do so for years to come, cr

  6. This was fantastic news, so pleased I was able to snag one of the pink tulip and butterfly prints just now. Funny as I prepared your tomato basil tarts for dinner last night and here you are adding beautiful decor to my home as well. You are quite the talent, thank you for sharing the beauty.

    Sherrie Gibson

    • Thanks Sherrie, it is an honor to be of such inspiration, and do hope you enjoy the prints, cr

      • I SO hope you will film another recipe favorite, those tomato/basil tarts have made the rounds with house guests as well as neighbors and EVERYONE ends up wanting your recipe. Kudos to you!!!

  7. WOW Kudos to you. Everything looks beautiful as it always does. Looking forward to ordering some of your beautiful prints and especially love the cards. Congratulations on a new and as always successful venture!!!

  8. Your talents, wisdom and kindness are true magic!
    It is an honour to have watched this amazing project.
    Congratulations and may you inspire the world forever!!

  9. I absolutely love how your beautiful touch and creations are a much-needed sense of calm for this wacky and goofy world. Thank you!

  10. Carolyne,
    Your paintings are exquisite. Perhaps your notecards could be available in the NYBG & Frick gift shop.

    • Thanks Michele, and thank you for the suggestion – at the moment they are just available through the website, but we’ll see how things go! cr

  11. Your paintings are stunning! The colors seem more “opaque” than the typical watercolor, that usually are known for transparency. Are you using gouache? Or are you layering the paints? If so, you are managing to do it without ending up with a painting that looks overworked. I’d love to know a little about your technique. Thanks!

  12. Simply stunning! And I love all the options you provide.

  13. Your blogger has a gramarical error in the first sentence on todays post. Proper grammer is “limited edition” NOT “limited addition” . The prints are lovely regardless.

    • Right you are just saw it this morning with fresh eyes. N matter how many times I proof read I always miss something!!!!!! thank you cr

  14. These are beautiful. Your amazing taste translates perfectly into your art. As someone who is trying to learn how to draw/watercolor, I know how much challenge, effort and satisfaction is to be had in this effort.

    Now I know what my mother will be getting for Mother’s Day!

    • Thank you Amy, I do hope your mom enjoys them, and good luck with your painting….in my opinion, well worth every effort, cr

      • My mother, almost 93, just received the cards and pronounced them GORGEOUS. She paints watercolors as well, so knows what she is looking at! Thank you again.

        • I am so pleased to hear that Amy….and wishing her a very happy mother’s day for next week, cr

  15. Your work is amazing. Simply stunning. I am so glad you’re offering them for our enjoyment. Thank you!

  16. HOW MUCH R THE PRINTS AND NOTE CARDS /I have never contacted u before

  17. Having seen your paintings close up when I was at your home during Trade Secrets, I must say that I am awfully impressed by your mastery of the medium. Watercolours are not for sissies. I tried numerous times during my years of art classes, and could never achieve what I wanted to, so switched to oils, which are so much more forgiving. Your imagery will be marvelous for this new endeavor, and I wish you all the best. You have a great talent, and now you can share it with all of us! Thank you.

    • Many thanks Cynthia – to be fair, I don’t think oils are for sissies either, so my congratulations to you! cr

  18. So thankful to see this post regarding your watercolors. Your many gifts of creative talent have no bounds!
    Congratulations on this fun venture.
    I’ve been painting for only a year, and adoring this challenging medium of watercolor.
    What types of paper do you use?? Have you tried the hard “board” made for watercolor??
    Many thanks for your time to read my questions.
    Best regards
    Terri Williams

    • yes Terri I do use 330 weight paper in both cold press and hot press. thank cr

  19. My goodness, I have followed you for years. Astounding talent and I just wanted to tell you that you are certainly a gift to us all. Love love love your work – all of it including your charming homes. I do have all your books and they inspire me every time I open one. THANK YOU.

    • Thank you Barbara – to hear that I inspire makes my day – the reason for this blog, and everything that I do, cr

  20. Your paintings/prints are beautiful and I was going to buy some notecards but feel they are too highly priced. I would have considered at $25, but not $50.

    • Sorry to read that Alex, but due to the high quality card that both are printed on, it would be impossible to sell at this price, cr

  21. Dear Carolyne,
    I am amazed by your botanicals. As an artist, I know how difficult watercolors are to do well. You truly are a renaissance woman and you put all of us to shame. Is there anything you can’t do?

    • Why thank you Cynthia…..there is plenty I can’t do, but I so appreciate your very kind words, cr

  22. Carolyn is a gracious lady and would never point out the spelling error from the well meaning fan
    Who pointed out the wrong wordage on Carolyn’s blog. Everyone of us makes a mistake once in a while.
    Well meaning, helpful suggestions and corrections are much appreciated! Admittingly, I did smile when
    I read the written gesture that was meant benevolently and surely was helpful! A reminder of classy, thoughtful
    Responses, reactions and good intentions! All is good!💐

    • Hi Terri. It’s like a game – we all do it, no matter how many times we edit. I am “admittedly” the Queen of the Pedants 😉

  23. Oh my goodness, I spelled Carolyne’s name wrong. So sorry….This is too funny….seriously, innocent mistake!
    See, it happens to the best and well intended!

  24. What great news! I have your latest book and have thumbed through every page, admiring your talent and your well-trained eye! You are one of a kind sweet lady. I’m redoing a tiny powder room in my home with an 18th C gilt mirror and sconces with Fortuny shades. Perhaps one of your limited edition prints would look smashing in there. Thanks for sharing them with us. Brenda

    • Thank you Brenda…..I’m sure one of these would look wonderful in your new powder room – sounds absolutely divine! cr

  25. Some years ago I cleaned out my tear sheet folders, and I was able to get rid of most everything, but there were a few pages I just could not part with. At some point, I realized that every single one was a photograph of your work. And so I followed your career with interest and bought many of your books, including the wonderful seasonal notebooks, which are still favorites (the Fall Notebook is a particular favorite – oh, that book!). And I loved your online shop and blog as well. So I am a fan, but these paintings? They are stunning! So beautiful, and the colors are just amazing. I just wanted to say thank you for contributing so much beauty to the world. In times that often feel chaotic, there is much to be said for beauty (beauty and music really can restore the soul). I will be so happy to be able to have some of your work in my home.

    • Melissa, can’t tell you how happy this makes me….I too love the Notebooks, and it is an absolute pleasure to be of inspiration to you. I am completely with you in believing that beauty, art and music restores the soul, and needed more than ever in these current times. Thank you again, cr

    • Sorry for the late response but reading your comment has made it all worthwhile so thank you so much cr

  26. A great fan of all you do. These prints are fabulous. I am a lover of botanicals. There is no end to your amazing talent!

  27. OK, this is it!! I bought your clothes ( pink and orange sheath) for the Eiteljorg Museum opening, I ordered from your catalogue, ( cashmere robe, handy paper carrier and more) I’ve cooked your food, I’ve read your books. Do you want to adopt me? Needless to say , I am a fan. Joyce

    • Joyce, what a pleasure to here from such a dedicated supporter! I am so pleased to hear you have enjoyed it all…..and I do hope there will be more to come, cr

      • I’ve enjoyed the journey and hope there IS more to come. Joyce

  28. YOU ARE SO BLESSED with talent…as are we to be able to admire and enjoy. Just…amazing. franki p.s. I, too, have your now “well worn” books.

    • Thank you Franki – the painting really has been a labor of love though, it didn’t come easily! cr

  29. Dear Carolyne,

    Your artwork is wonderful.

    Wishing you a very happy birthday and many more to come. Years and years so we can look forward to more pleasure from your work and posts.

    Marie. 🎂💐

    • Hi Marie, sorry not to reply earlier….thank you very much for the birthday wishes, cr x

  30. The prints very beautiful and high details level… you are given extraordinary talent! Hope to continue to admire your work

  31. Christmas came in May!!! So excited to see these Stunning Prints!!! Just ordered four! Cannot wait to receive them and place on the wall that overlooks my Garden. Your use of color is exquisite. Such a fan of “everything” Carolyne!!!

  32. Carolyne, I am so happy you are sharing these with the world. Your talents are boundless! I once saw an interview by Larry King with Martha Stewart and he asked her, are you afraid you will run out of ideas? She said no, I am only afraid I will not have enough time to do all the ideas I have. For creative people, that must be the case! You bring beauty and a soothing, yet exciting, ever changing lifestyle to us. Thank you!

    • Thank you Laura. I feel exactly the same way – so many things to do, enjoy and try, and so little time, cr

  33. Prints are magnificent. Just viewed your beautiful home as well on quintessence… I am suffering with a bad case of poison ivy as I have just moved to a new home and was doing a little gardening. Viewing made the itch a bit better. Thank you

    • Sorry to hear this Heather, but glad we could help get your mind off it, cr

  34. Dear Carolyne,

    How absolutely splendid! You always make my day when ever I think, I wonder what Carolyne Roehm is up to and check in. I love the sumptuous botanical watercolors of course but the bird drawings really blew me away. You absolutely bring them to life!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love, Kevin and N

    • Thank you Kevin….I too love the birds, find them an endless fascination to paint. To save you checking, you can sign up to receive my blog posts – just click on ‘Subscribe to carolyneroehm.com’ on the bottom right corner of the homepage, cr

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