A Celebration of the Multitalented Julian Fellowes in Historic Charleston

With one of the oldest library collections in the US, The Charleston Library Society works tirelessly in preserving and maintaining this gem of a collection and the building that houses it. A few years ago Anne Cleveland stepped in to reinvigorate the organization by bringing talented people from the world … Continue reading

Fruit Forever

When I look back over the endless amount of photos taken of the tables and floral decoration for my various homes, fruit or fruit mixed with flowers is a constant theme in decoration.  As I perused the photos (of just the last few years – I could easily go back … Continue reading

Crazy Yet Glorious Preparation For My First Venice Carnivale

I know I go on about age and time passing by, but more recently I am trying to fulfill lifelong dreams – or as some would say, ticking items off the “bucket list.” One of these is attending Venice Carnivale. This all started last summer with a kind invitation from … Continue reading

Celebrating St Valentine’s Day in Many Ways and from Seasons Past

For years I celebrated Valentine’s Day with a flamboyant display of my culinary skills, attempting to impress the beau of the moment. Inevitably, I got carried away. One year in particular, with all my fussing in the kitchen, dinner was still not ready an hour before midnight, with the obligatory … Continue reading