The Many Beautiful Colors of Spring Create Endless Inspiration

            One of my favorite spring combinations is purple, lilac and light green and when the flowers are ready, it is time for entertaining. My love of this combo was inspired by a birthday cake my grandmother would make for me every year in May. … Continue reading

Spring – a Time of Renewal and Learning

At this time every year, I marvel at new beginnings, and never cease to be amazed at how Mother Nature turns it out, right on cue when we most need inspiration and uplifting after a long winter (at least in my parts.) Spring to me is both about external renewal in … Continue reading

A Labor of Love

FINALLY I can announce that my paintings as limited edition prints, are now available through my website. I know I’ve been promising this for sometime, but as you have also witnessed, my expected timeframes and reality are often skewed!  I always seem to be running behind. I would like to start … Continue reading

Finally….the Bucket List Trip to Carnivale in Venice

As promised, a more detailed post on my visit to Venice for Carnivale. As I compile these photos, the memories of this once in a lifetime opportunity come flooding back, and I am so pleased to have finally checked it off the list. I think it is my love of … Continue reading