Sorry for the Disappearing Act….but, Sometimes One Just Needs to be Quiet.

Glorious Roses – I  think I posted my first video (scroll down) – who says you cannot teach old dogs new tricks?!

IMG_2373Dear Readers,

I am sorry for the disappearing act for the last three months but my reasons are many. I have been traveling a great deal, for work and some pleasure, dealing with family matters, trying to learn new things such as Instagram and how to do videos ( I have a long way to go in that department!) and basically I have felt at times overwhelmed with life and just needed to create some space for myself. Time to play with my pups, smell the flowers, pick vegetables and visit with my mom. We won’t even get into trying to understand this world we are living in at this time. I have not figured out a thing, and with every passing day I find myself more bewildered. So…. if anyone has any insights PLEASE share them with the rest of us (or perhaps I am the only one who is clueless?)

So on to the world of beauty and design which I feel I do understand a bit. I have a couple of thousand photos to share of my travels and adventures, but following my mother’s advice I have stopped these last three weeks to “smell the roses” both literally and figuratively. After a very difficult spring gardening season I have to say that the summer of 2016 has been the most extraordinary rose season I have seen in all my years at Weatherstone. Perhaps I am older and wiser and have just learned  to finally “see” but this rose year does seem exceptional. I have been posting imagers on Instagram – a new thing for me in 2016 but for those of you who did not see those pictures, here they are. I have also tried to video (in a very primitive manner) some of the garden in its rose glory. Alas whatever photos I snap, videos I film, and certainly paintings I attempt of these spectacular flowers, nothing cannot truly capture their exquisite beauty. I know this is sounding like a great deal of hyperbole but this year has been special! I hope you have had the same experience if you are rose lover.


I love these floribundas – a deep, rich red that are magnificent



Delphinium in contrast to pure white shrub roses – nepteta in the foreground


The beautiful Constance Spry – David Austin’s first attempt to hybridize the qualities of the old roses and the modern rose – it did not work as Constance only blooms once  a year, but when she is in bloom, she is a stunner!



What is beautiful outside is extra special in the house – Constance Spry on my dressing table with things I love

IMG_2370 IMG_2543 IMG_2648

I love every shade of pink but most especially those with a touch of blue in them

My favorite flowers with blue and white






The Roses in the cutting garden ( above )


My first video – this has only taken me about 4  hours to figure out how to post -fingers crossed it works! 

Love this rose Double DelightIMG_2495

And one more video – the Word Press gods willing!


I hope you have enjoyed my roses and I hope these videos work, and don’t crash this sight! Happy Summer


p.s. Shall try to get a post done more quickly from now on !!!












136 thoughts on “Sorry for the Disappearing Act….but, Sometimes One Just Needs to be Quiet.

  1. I have been wondering where you have been recently. Your roses are exquisite. The garden is in full summer bloom and looks heavenly. I hope your travels and quiet time have rejuvenated you! Keep those videos coming, they’re great.

    • Oh thank you Peggy—I have no idea what I am doing but when you cannot get a hold of your tech guy some how one finally has to figure it out for one’s self—I could not figure out how to connect it to Instagram —but enough tech for this ‘ole gal today!!!

    • Thank you i am glad you can get a sense their fragrance in some it is extraordinary. best, cr

  2. Carolyn dear,
    A lovely post and I think your videos are outstanding ! Don’t feel blue, I know this unraveling world seems to have us all tucking in and staying close to home and the things we cherish the most … Thank god we have these to sustain us and pray that good will overcome the evil.
    With hearts love,
    ps speaking about “blue” I remember you made us all laugh at the CC when you said you loved all things blue except eye shadow xxxooo

    • Dear Joanie, So lovely to hear from you! Yes there are times I just want to bury my head under a pillow when i hear about the evil out there. You are right we must cherish the good we all have.
      I remember when I said that about the blue eye shadow—still feel the same include blue mascara as well!!! xox carolyne

  3. Dear ,Carolynr,

    As Anne Morrow Lindbergh said, one needs to take time to refill her pitcher.
    I am glad you took the time to do that.

    Thanks for sharing your magnificent roses with us, very inspirational.

    June Emmert

  4. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

    Turned a difficult day around for me.

    Thank you, Carolyne, for the wondrous panorama of beauty you bring us with every post!!!!

    • Dr. Sally That makes me so very happy and makes the effort worthwhile. best, carolyne

    • Thank you so much Valorie–these remarks encourage me to make the effort. cr

  5. Once again you have provided beauty for this very confused world. By the way the advice your Mother gave you is spot on. Thank you for stopping to smell the roses.

    • Thank you it makes me happy to think i have offered some respite in this crazy world. best carolyne

  6. Carolyne,
    That you have honored your own self with time is an inspiration. Thank you for bringing the Peace Rose to the forefront.
    Joy comes from knowing that you need time to prune and from that gratification. And most important spending time with your mother. She will carry that with her forever and your will know her answers though at some point she may not be able to vocalize them. They will be feathers softly impressed on your heart. Thank you for the table settings over the years and your increasingly impressionable use of blue. SO much smaller my living room but now blue and white with touches of green. Always a work in progress.
    That you returned is the most important. It gave us a gift of a new chapter.
    Kathie Hood

    • Thank you Kathie, You have a lovely poetic way of writing. Yes, we all always seem to have” works in progress ” in many different aspects of life a room or ones self–the process is endless. be well cr

  7. Searched all my life for answers.

    Read the book of John.

    Tune into
    Beautiful architectural church as well as a goldmine in very rare preaching. Provides live streaming.

    • Linda i guess we all are searching—- that seems to be the human condition. Thank you for the advise and I shall read the book of John Thanks for the ideas. carolyne

  8. What a spectacualr rose garden. Reminds me of my beloved grandmother’s….and the blue and white ithe those blood red roses is just so delicious

    • Thanks Kevin—I also adore those blood red roses they are so velvety and rich in color! cr

  9. Dear Carolyne,

    I was so thrilled to hear that you, too, feel overwhelmed with your life sometimes. Every word you were saying is
    exactly how I am feeling too. I have decided to take a “pause” from my interior designer business for a while. I need
    to stop and smell the roses with my dear husband. Trying to slow life down a bit. I find the priorities in life are now
    changing. The hardest thing to figure out is how we have gotten to this point so quickly. Seems like only yesterday we
    were all in our forties.

    I continue to find such joy in looking through all of your books that I have purchased over the years. The beauty of your gardens and decor of your homes brings me such peace. In this world that I don’t understand at all anymore, I am comforted by your blogs and books.

    I know I speak for so many of your admirers in saying how much we appreciate your gift of sharing.

    Most sincerely,
    Donna Chappel
    Donna Chappel Interiors

    • Dear Donna,
      Thank you for taking the time to respond. Yes it does seem as if we were just in our 40’s– and my oh my how the priorities do change. Just hope we can acknowledge that –sometimes I find it hard to accept the new limitations life places upon us as we age. I am still trying to do it all–but i am trying to learn. Where does the time go in this life? I hope your “pause” is a wonderful one for you and your husband. best, carolyne

  10. It is always a pleasure to read your thoughts and LOving the photos….a flower fan, house fan, decorating fan and many more. We all need to recharge and you are wise enough to make that decision and do what is best for you….it is always worth the wait….just stay well and take care of you first.
    Best Regards
    susan (from Toronto)
    I have almost all your books and out on display to share my enjoyment of them.

    • Dear Susan, thank you for all that positive feedback- it really means a lot to me.Thank you also for liking my books. cr

  11. You did a great job on the videos! I love your roses! I am still trying to get my David Austens to bloom bigger and more, alas, I live in El Paso, Texas where temperatures rose to 107 this weekend!

    I hope you and your family are all well. Enjoy your summer. Looking forward to the next post!

    Martha Vera
    Honorary Consul of Spain in El Paso

    • Wow Martha that is HOT!! I know from southern friends that roses have a problem with extreme heat. I have not planted any in Charleston for that reason but i miss them there. I hope to make the videos smoother as I learn more. cr

  12. Good job on your photos and videos! I particularly liked the birds and one of the dogs adding their exclamations!
    Welcome back! You were missed but I think it is really positive that you took a break and mentioned why. Keeping life in balance is a daily challenge and we need all those beautiful, special moments to reflect.
    Looking forward to all your future projects that you share with all of us that love and adore your work!

    • Thank you Marilyn—as i mentioned above I thought the sound on the video was turned off—I also like the birds and dogs but not the planes, traffic and talking. Must learn how to do that. cr

  13. Your garden is better each year! Your roses are world class. Great that you gave yourself quality time!
    Videos are lovely and give a more real feeling to the whole picture.If I may say,its always better when the camera lives birds and nature for the back sound (talking don,t age well).

    • Hi Maria—Thanks for the info—I thought i had tuned off the sound —as I was doing the video my mother talking to someone!!! Yikes sorry about that I want to add music but must learn how to do that! many thanks cr

  14. Beautiful pictures! I also have a Constance Spry and sometimes (if I am lucky) have a second bloom, though, not as many. This year I believe I had the most flowers since I planted it 18 years ago.

    Always look forward to your posts and beautiful photos. Yes, sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses. Stay well.

    • Thank you Eve for your good wishes and wow a second bloom that is fabulous! cr

  15. Dearest Carolyne,

    I think it is wonderful that you have taken time to be with and by yourself recently, and for all of us here who care for you so, we are glad you are feeling rested and revived by spending the days being in your garden with these magnificent roses. The world is, as we all know, very demanding and it’s become a whirling dervish. The things that seem to scream for our attention can make us heart sick. Look at what is happening in both Britain, the US and Australia right now … what a mess. Not to mention the rest of the world! So the need to truly feed our spirit by staying quiet and going within, well, I think more women need to do it. We need to give ourselves ‘permission’ to do it – whether for a few hours, a weekend or a few weeks – in order to give ourselves the opportunity to just stop and smell as many beautiful roses as possible! For we need to keep our hearts open to help heal this ailing world, and you help to do that by sharing with us your beautiful roses and your world of style and design.

    As for your newly learned skills with the videos and Istagram, I think it’s smashing that you are now on to it! We are never too old to keep learning, and most importantly, to keep caring and to keep sharing. So keep going with it. It’s all great. It’s freezing in Melbourne at present, so your summer pics and videos are getting many of us through an Arctic blast!

    Sending much love,

    Sarah xo

    • dear Sarah—Thank you my dear for your kind and heartfelt words. These are indeed difficult and often confusing times in this world. Cherishing some beauty and kindness heals some of the sadness.
      I do struggle with the technology issues–but I still want to learn some of it—not all of it but selected areas
      Stay warm this winter in Melbourne! I am sending you good and happy thoughts xox carolyne

  16. A wonderful way to wake-up on a very cold winter’s morning in South Australia.
    Your videos are great and I felt like I was visiting you. Thank you – your efforts are rewarded by
    our enjoyment of the beauty you create.

  17. Te echábamos de menos Carolyne, y has vuelto con una explosión de rosas que casi nos hacen sentir su perfume.
    Recibe un cordial y afectuoso saludo.

    • Gracias Carmen — I am sorry I do not speak Spanish— but got the explosion of roses and the scent of their perfume! cr

  18. Please keep us up to date with your videos. Your roses are perfection and you have been missed by your followers. Your books are beautiful but you brought your garden to life with video.

  19. No need to apologize for failure to provide FREE eye candy, Carolyne. I’m sure grateful you’ve taken the time and made the effort to post this though…all these beautiful roses. It’s been a banner year for roses even here in Maine. Thanks for sharing. XOXOXO

    • thank you Burndett–happy that things are ‘Rosie’ in Maine as well !! cr

  20. Bravo on your videos! Your roses are outstanding. I love blue and white, and what is the pattern name you have used in the video?

    • Hi Cathy—It is an old Wedgwood pattern—but i cannot remember the name sorry i think it is something like feather….. late 18th c. cr

      • Thank you. My love of blue and white makes your book a favorite. Welcome back and your videos are beautiful.

  21. You have been missed. Glad you are taking care of yourself. Be well, safe and happy special lady. Admired by many!!!

    • How silly of me. This post is filled with beauty, love and much enjoyment. LOVE your fabulous garden and lovely tablescapes. Thank You mucho!

    • Hey there Jose—great minds think a like –I want to video the dogs and also have hopes to do a book about them someday!!! You will be seeing the videos soon. cr

    • Thank you Pamela—finally i am beginning to learn not to burn both ends of the candle

  22. Thank you! I was wondering what happened, but your beautiful post explained everything perfectly. In a crazy world were every day words and news of violence are spit out, we need a time to unwind and repose. Your videos came out perfectly but may I dare to suggest that dogs may play a part of them? Again, thanks for a peek of your beautiful home!

    • hey Jose I responded but for some reason( probably me) it went under a response to pamela—see comments cr

  23. Dear Carolyne,

    The rose gardens look stunning. Some of the colors are just incredible. Many of them remind me of the cottage and English roses that were so heavenly scented I used to bring to Weatherstone.

    I surely hope that you take the time you need to relax and unwind. We’re not the Energizer Bunny any longer.

    All best wishes,

    Bob Law
    Sheffield, MA

    • Dear Bob oh my we do go back a ” few years” nice to hear from and old friend. carolyne

  24. Hello Carolyne, Re understanding the world we live in, I want to share a delightful experience I had today. A tall young boy was in front of me at Starbucks this morning. We were both waiting for our orders. I stood behind and had a chance to watch him. He had short blonde hair, with the front “moussed up.” He was wearing long gym shorts with some crazy patterned crew socks and a nice looking t-shirt. He was the “all-American kid” personified. His order consisted of two drinks filled with whipped cream and two bags of breakfast sandwiches. Mine was an iced Americano. He walked out the door quite a ways in front of me. I was half the shop behind him when he turned around, gave me a big smile, and held the door open for me. A man was going to enter Starbucks, but had to wait for me to go out the door. This act of kindness and good manners absolutely warmed my heart. As I walked through the door, I told this handsome young man he is my “hope for America.” His order was for him and his younger sister. They had ridden their bikes and sat at an outside table. Today this was my 2016 version of Norman Rockwell’s America. It was surprising, refreshing, and well with my soul.

    • Karen I love your story!!! One hears so many things about todays youth that does not sound so promising so this indeed gives hope and lifts the heart!!1 Bravo to your young hero he is mine as well!!! cr

  25. Thank you for sharing. It was well worth the wait. Your roses are glorious. Thank you for leading by example in tending to your family and health. We all need to heed that practice. Blessings to you and your’s.

    • Thank you Lisa–I guess I am a slow learner but gradually getting there cr

  26. Hello Carolyne,
    I’m reminded of Audrey Hepburn’s delightful series Great gardens of the world! There is nothing like wandering around one’s own garden to sooth the soul. Your garden and roses are beautiful! The world is becoming busier and increasingly worrying so I think your mum is right to steer you in the direction of the softer side of life…it’s winter here in Australia so I have to wait a while before I can enjoy my garden again! Thankyou for this treat!

    • Hi Terry—yes mom still usually gets it right even at 86 next month. Time passes too quickly but the upside is that winter will pass and you will be back in your garden cr

  27. Plus Ultra! We have missed you and the roses do take time. I understand as my mother was a rosarian and plants numbered 600. My punishment for not doing what was expected was to do a roll call of rose names…Madame Cochet
    Cochet, Honorable Lady Lindsay, Frau Karl Druschki, Souvenir de la Malmaison , Honey Chile (named for my mother by Richard Thomson, hybridizer)and on and on
    So happy you are back…missed you

  28. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today is my birthday and your return to the internet was the best gift!!!!!!!!!! what a treat your wonderful pictures are. Even my elderly border collie Nickie is wagging her tail. Welcome back!

    • Happy Birthday Kevin!!!!!!! Happy that Nickie is wagging her tail —makes mine wag also! cr

  29. Everything is beautiful but especially love your tablescape! Glad you’re back!

  30. Keep sharing the beauty you create with us! It makes those more dreadful things a bit more bearable.

    Peace and blessings to you.

  31. Well Hello, I found your blog via your Instagram photos. I’ve been checking in to see if you might have a new post. I’ve found the internet to offer a pleasant escape from the unpleasant events that bombard our senses daily. Ironic, I know since the internet brings bad news to us instantly. However, your photos are a breath of fresh air. Thank you.
    I’ve spent the time you were away from your blog to get caught up on your previous post. I’m crazy about the Charleston project, admire your spunk in tackling Weathersone after the fire and your determination to recover from the biking accident is commendable. I’ve enjoyed your books, magazine articles, instagram, as well as your delightful blog postings. Now, not to nag but you did say you would blog some of the details of your trip to Italy. Thank you , again for creating a beautiful oasis in what can be a desolate world. -DH

    • Thank you for your kind words, and for taking the time to read all those blogs! Yes, I hopefully will get to covering the Italy visit soon. cr

  32. Dear Carolyne,
    I look in every day and was thrilled you were there this morning. Your garden looks wonderful. I still think it is amazing it goes from covered in snow to this.
    I must tell you that when you said you were doing a shoot for Hello magazine I determined to keep a look out for the article.
    I thought I had missed it or it was not available in Australia until one day last week I met a friend for lunch in another suburb. I was early so to fill in time I visited the library near the restaurant and the last magazine I picked up was Hello with your article.
    I toyed with the idea of putting it under my coat and walking out, but decided to ask the librarian could I buy it. She wanted to know why and when I told her she said because I was so passionate about having it, I could have it.
    I was meant to find it.
    Keep well,
    ????? Marie ?????

  33. Carolyne — SO very glad to have you back. The pictures and videos are stunning. We had my Mom’s 95th in my yard last month and used French Blue and Creme colored plates against Hot Pink tablecloths and same Pink in the flowers. I think it came out very pretty. You are certainly one of the reasons I’ve started appreciating Blue and White again. Continue to enjoy Summer. So fondly, Kim
    P.S. I don’t suppose you have any hints on how to view the video from the British mag with the drone of Weatherstone a few months ago. It’s completely been taken down I guess but I had wanted to share it with my Mom. Oh well.

    • Unfortunately we’ve had many problems with that video, so it was taken off the blog. I can’t think of another way to view it. Glad you are celebrating with blue and white though! cr

  34. Thank you for these beautiful pictures AND videos. It is a wonderful way to start my day. I spend the month of April each year in Charleston and ride my bike by your lovely home several times a day. Next year I will try to listen out for your nesting doves.

    I pray daily for our world , our country, my community, and leaders who will guide us back to putting our faith in God.

    Carol (Alabama)

  35. I know that many of us are equally exhausted by the seemingly incomprehensible world. Having said that your writings bring me joy. I love your flowers, the care you take with table settings, the recipes you published in the past, the wrapping paper you sold (I still have a bit which I use for the most special of occasions) and on and on.. I just began instagramming and one of the first I did was an homage to you (labeled a riff on You) with peonies and blue and white china !! So remember all your followers who derive much needed happiness from your wonderful aesthetic… Cheers
    But your mother is right we all need to rest and refresh. Thank God for the wisdom of our mothers❤️❤️

    • Thank you Anne for your very kind words, and I’m honored to bring you even a glimpse of joy cr

  36. Welcome back. Your David Austin Roses look incredible. Mine are not doing as well as they were in the spring, do you use a special kind of fertilizer?? Love your last post from Charleston with your oil paintings. You inspired me to order a used edition of your latest book, and I tore out the copies of your oil paintings and framed them and hung them in my home office, they look beautiful.

    • Dear Peter,
      I have also purchased books and torn things out of them to frame–so thank you for thinking my modest attempts were worth doing that. I think I am slowly (time is always a problem!!!) getting a bit better but I have sooooo much to learn about painting. As to the roses I cannot explain why they were so incredible this year. Perhaps it was finally having a moderate winter after two hellish ones… But then we had a complicated spring — too hot– too cold– too much rain and then no rain!!! Enough to drive a gardener insane!!!!
      I wish you a lovely remainder of this summer—time is passing so quickly I am frightened. best carolyne

  37. I have been thinking about Kirksville, Mo. I remember your Grandmothers gift shop in her home near Millard. It was near the small airport on highway 63. In the early 70’s we would stop and see all her beautiful inventory. The rambling house was long and her shop was a room off the end of the house. Your grandmother would come and visit with us and serve us as we shopped. I can see you have many of the same “gifts” that your grandmother was given. She also loved beautiful things.

    My husband a I were both from Kirksville but have lived in Sarsota, Fl for 30 years.
    God Bless You!
    Jana Taylor Martin

    • Hi Jana,
      Thank you for sending the email—I loved that little shop of my grandmothers. As I look back on what she did in a dinky little farm town was really amazing —she was completely ahead of her time and in the wrong place to boot. She understood that presentation, creating an environment for the consumer and presenting the product in a beautiful way was what it was about. It came naturally to her.I was lucky enough to have traveled and shopped with her when I was a child. I know that time with her and the time in that shop had an enormous impact upon my life and how I developed as an artist. So lovely to connect with someone from formative life. Be well!!! carolyne jane

      • Yes! That country gift shop had an impact on me! I loved seeing beautiful things! My funds were limited! I still have a glass cookie jar with a black lid that I purchased from your grandmother! Those memories from Kirksville are priceless!
        God Bless,

  38. Your garden is glorious! And the video captures its peace and serenity- well done!

  39. Loved the videos– the sound wasn’t up enough but the rose garden is lovely.I have your latest book and enjoy it very much. I missed out on the garden tour that included your garden this year so sad about that.
    Rest, relax, enjoy your wonderful sanctuary– let your home and garden soothe you.
    Most of us do not have any answers for this confused world full of hateful people claiming to be religious and hurting others. That is exactly why we must all create our own worlds of beauty and peace. To keep our sanity if nothing else.

  40. Your posts always brighten my day with beauty …..the roses are incredible! As to the evil in this world, I have trouble wrapping my head around it and my personal remedy seems to be to just stay in my studio and paint paint paint .

  41. Carolyne, it was so wonderful to finally see your gardens in person at Trade Secrets. I wanted to say hello, but you were up to your eyeballs in book signing. Your roses weren’t as abundant as they are now, and boy, are they beautiful. Will have to try the Constance Spry. My favourite is the Pierre de Ronsard, as it looks so 18th century, and do we LOVE the 18th century! This year my garden is sprouting nice things I never even knew were there. Lots of surprise appearances. I’ve been hibernating a bit too. We have so much thrown at us every day – it’s good to step back and take a deep breath and cuddle our pets and just BE. But, as the song says, we’ll all muddle through somehow. Just keep on being you and never apologise.
    Warm regards,
    Cynthia Lambert

  42. Please don’t feel you need to apologize for stepping back to smell the roses and regroup. In addition to the ups and downs of life and keeping up with our websites, learning new social media skills can all be a bit much. I’m running–by myself–the fastest growing site for women over 50, still grieving the unexpected death of my darling husband and looking for a new home. There aren’t enough hours in the day.

    I’m a longtime admirer, but first time commenter to your blog,
    Brenda Coffee

    • Oh Brenda, thank you, and welcome as a first time commenter! I’m so sorry to hear of your loss, but it sounds like you are keeping yourself extremely busy. My thoughts are with you cr

  43. Made my morning to see your post! I don’t subscribe to many, but yours will always be my favorite! In addition to your gardens and roses and tablescapes and remodel in Charleston (OH MY!) it’s your ENERGY that inspires me! But no wonder you needed to recharge your battery. Your abundance of creative gifts is delicate, nonetheless. Bravo for honoring yourself with a break.
    I have been intrigued by your water colors, as well. Inspired me to try it for the first time. While I have SO much to learn, my weekly classes are great fun!
    Thank you for sharing all the beauty around you…we all need more of this as we observe a broken and hurting world.
    My best to you,
    Terri Williams

    • Thank you Terri, for your lovely feedback and understanding. I am beyond flattered to have inspired you to paint. Keep it up! cr

  44. Your sharing these gorgeous photos of your magnificent roses is a blessing for everyone who sees them. A Joy to behold!

  45. Daar Carolyne,

    So greatfull that there are people like you who make this world more beautifull. Please go on with it in this sometimes so unpeacefull world.
    Here in the Netherlands we have a great rose-year als well. I am enyoing them each day in my tiny garden.

    Kind regards


    • Thank you for your encouragement, and I’m so pleased to hear my blog travels to the Netherlands! cr

  46. Oh Carolyne! I became so excited upon seeing your email, I clicked on it right away to read your post! Your Constance Spry are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing the photos of them, I especially love how you photograhed them on your elegant dressing table among your favorite things. I just opened a little shop called The Vintage Vanity as I LOVE everything about dressing tables! I too noticed that mu roses werw doing exceptionally well this year! I think God is sending us a message that while the ugliness we are experiencing lately cannot be ignored there is still so much beauty on His Earth to rejoice in!

    Your videos are very good for your first time! Learning new things takes time as you know and I can’t wait to hear them put to music! The birds and dogs (and even the voice of your dear mom) are like music ?.
    Teri (in beautiful Northwest Michigan)

  47. Carolyne,

    Thank you for sharing treasures from your garden and home with us. It’s always delightful to read your posts, and now to watch your videos. The gift of a garden is a treasure for the gardener and for all who experience it through the senses. May you find find peace as you share your insights and talents with others—I’m grateful to be one of those recipients.

  48. I love following you on IG- so proud of you for keeping up with the tech times! Super jealous of your rose garden, it is amazing. When I need inspiration from time to time, I pick up one of your books and take myself to a world of genuine beauty. I can’t tell you how glad I am that I found your Notebooks. They were the first of your books I purchased and I haven’t missed one since. Thank you for being so public with your life- well worth the wait.

  49. The videos are great and the roses wonderful! Keep posting! I won’t give up on growing more roses after seeing yours.

  50. Dear Carolyn —
    I hope you won’t interpret my comments as envy or jealousy; I will try to explain. Every time you post magnificent photos (and now videos!) of your wonderful home, gardens, etc., my eyes well up with tears and my throat gets achy. I want to cry because I yearn to be surrounded by so much beauty. I know I will sound like a loon, but since you (and no one on your board) knows me, so be it. I have always believed in past lives (for many personal reasons I won’t go into) and recently I had a vedic astrological reading and the person told me (a) I was royalty in my most recent past life and (b) that I eschewed that life to come into this life in a less rarified position. I have always yearned for more than I have, have appreciated beauty in a way I find most other people I know do not, and have had an understanding of antiques, rare anything, etc., which puzzled me because I was not raised surrounded by these things, nor did my family own anything especially rare, and my parents and friends were all very average, middle class people. So that reading confirmed to me that I brought my appreciation over from a past life.
    All this to say that your lovely home, gardens, taste, etc., make me yearn to live among such beauty and I think that’s why I get choked up when I see your beautiful pics. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. I live vicariously through you.

    • Dear Junia,

      I understand so much of what you are feeling. I grew up in highly educated family but lived a normal middle class existence. I always had a great love of “pretty” which morphed into a love of beauty. I was lucky enough to have a very talented grandmother who loved things that I related to–decoration, good and beautiful food, gardens, and beautiful cloths. I also had dreams and desires beyond my families ability to realize some of them financially. But, EVERYTHING IS RELATIVE. I then moved to NYC with 600.00 dollars, great enthusiasm, a great education, and a youthful optimism that would take me great places and expose me to amazing people. Such is life we all have obstucules and blessings. Taking advantage of our blessings in a positive way overcomes so many obstucles in our paths —-is an energy that we are so lucky to have when we are young. The wonder of innocence, youth, education and freedom carries us very far in life but it does not mean that life is easy. We all have longings —even those people seem to “have it all”. Just be thankful you have the eye and the sensitivity to appreciate the beauty—there are many who have access to all and do not see. poor them. cr

  51. It has been a most unusual time. Thank you for your remarkable roses and their patriotic
    display. Where is refinement and accountability hiding? I do so look forward to your
    posts. Thank you, Betsy Herrmann

    • Indeed it has Betsy—I guess it is up to all of us to provide the refinement and accountability –if we try to do that we are giving that to the world cr

  52. Dear Carolyne,
    Your garden books, pictures and videos are so beautiful and inspiring. I had to laugh when I played your beautiful video- my dog started barking! She enjoyed it too! Thank you for sharing your many gifts.

    • I must learn to work the sound on the video! I also plan to film my beloved pups so tell your pup to stay tuned cr

  53. Carolyne,
    I just got a chance to read your post and see the lovely photos. I saw a peek of your travels on Instagram. Yes, we should take time to “smell the roses”! Having recently turned 60 , I see how important this is. . Our world is in a “mess”! It is wonderful to see a little beauty to give our minds a break. Do you have plans for a show or speaking engagement in the near future hopefully around Charleston? Would love to attend! I so enjoy your wonderful books! Thank you for sharing your talents.

    • Hey Cathy—no plans for the moment but I am sure that will change–thanks for liking my work! cr

  54. We will always happily wait for your posts. Thank you for them all!

  55. I read three papers a day, and I thought I must have missed a clue as to what you were doing. So I am very happy in a selfish way that you are back, and with so much beauty to share. I have no garden, but tomorrow I am going to spend extra and buy roses. Welcome Back.

    • Thank you Lillie——yes please buy some flowers for your self– or a flowering plant –it lasts longer.I find it just makes me happier to have something alive in my space. Long story about that but I shall save that for another day…brst cr

  56. Carolyne. Great to have you back! I have all of your books and when I need a Carolyne fix for flowers, design, recipes you are right at my fingertips. You have been my inspiration for several years. Thank you!

  57. Dear Carolyne,
    Welcome back! You have been sorely missed, but I hope you have had the big rest and relaxation you deserve. Not to mention precious time with your darling mother.
    About those roses!! When I lived in California, I had an incredible rose garden – they grew and performed like the dandelions do here in Montana where I live now. When I moved here, I did everything possible to keep roses, but, alas, this is supposed to be Zone 4, but really it is Zone 3. My neighbor with the gigantic green thumb keeps his hybrid teas and a grandiflora or two going but, the season being so short, they never rise above two feet and appear to be a Dr. Seuss garden. They are lovely but, oh, the work to keep them protected in winter. Probably the same as in Aspen – if you have a rose garden there, please let us frustrated gardeners know. I should mention, however, that our peonies and lilacs are unbelievable – so I have no right to complain.
    Anyway, all this is just to say that your roses are a sight for sore eyes and an inspirational vicarious thrill. Your photos are magnificent and, yes, your videos came through perfectly. Gardens are a gift and a haven in this insane world – if only everyone could feel the same.
    Thank you for all that beauty. Keep well and best wishes for a lovely summer. Susan

    • Dear Susan,
      I so understand your frustrations —having roses in one place and not the next… I am going through the reverse–when and if i retire to Charleston I wilt have all of my glorious peonies and tulips! How- do I live with out them???? The roses are a pain in the southern coastal humidity as well but I can have camellias and a few gardenia—I guess there is always a trade off —damn— but my hope is when I go to that great garden in the sky ( with all my pups) all those betide we love, or long frond miss will prosper in some glorious garden of Eden!
      brst carolyne

  58. Such a beautiful post , sometimes we all need time out to smell the roses, and in the case of your garden the delights are endless. Thank you

  59. What a lovely post! Sometimes things are worth waiting for—this is one of those things. Thank you for sharing and adding a smile to my face today.
    xo, lissy

  60. YOU are amazing, as well as your rises and garden! I’m in awe of you! The video of the roses was wonderful with the birdsong in the background. You did great! By the way, how do access the roses with the boxwood “fence”? Is there an opening?

    • Thank you Jo Anne, and I’m so pleased you noticed the birds! Some of the boxwood has small openings, and other sections we just step over.

  61. Dear Carolyne

    Your words are more pertinent than ever today, and how generous you are sharing images of your very beautiful garden. Uplifting in these quite shocking troubling times. Quite right to take time out and smell the roses… I’d like to head off grid and swap all the stress and tension around me for a croft in Scotland!

    Take care, Kathleen in Cheshire, where it rains rather a lot.

  62. Love your posts whenever they appear and your garden, c’est magnifique!
    Balance in life is critical. Take care of yourself and those you care for. Even if the world is crazy, we can still celebrate beauty, civility, kindness and love.

  63. I can relate to where you are in life right now! I took some breaks from my blog during family illnesses and also have been more forgiving of myself when I miss a scheduled post. I do know that because of this crazy world we live in, my blog is a wonderful creative outlet for me. What’s not to love about beautiful things, delicious food and elegant fashion? We all need an outlet and blogging is ideal for me.

    I wanted to share that I have always admired your style. I wanted to thank you for all of the inspiration! It feeds my creativity! Glad to see you are back and look forward to each and every post.

    • Thank you so much Elaine, you are correct, we should all try to be more forgiving and kind to ourselves cr

  64. Carolyne, I must have seen this post at least five times already. I can’t get enough of it. The photo of our dear Constance (my fav and yours) against the white pergola is captivating and dreamy. Such a testament to life, something so beautiful yet only blooming once. I adore her. I have lost two one after another but ordered two more. Unfortunately I have to wait until next season to get it. In the meantime, here in Bucks County PA the beetles have arrived in swarms destroying all my roses. This morning I cut them all down. Hoping that by the time they re-bloom the beetles will be gone. Frustrating the life of a gardener isn’t it! But so so worth it at the same time. We are masochistic people I guess. LOL. Your roses are a dream. Wish I lived closer. When your near you must be in touch. Would love to show you how I have build a smaller scale CR garden here. Much love and hope you are enjoying your Summer. Relaxing and painting your lovely watercolors. Which I pray they are someday for sale. God bless, Much love, Lisa

    • Oh thank you so very much Lisa….and yes, the life of a gardener is sometimes frustrating but well worth it! cr

  65. Just a short note to say I love your garden, books and table settings. My mom is same age and I try and spend as much time with her as possible. xx

  66. Dear Carolyne,
    Time began in a garden…thank you for sharing such truly stunning glimpses from your magnificent garden. I find beauty restorative…while I write from Napa Valley, out my window are some very old, majestic trees…have they seen the evil we are facing now in their very long lives…am dismayed, broken hearted…one balm I did read today that gave me hope…

    ‘It looks bleak, but we worship the same Christ whose Gospel has brought healing to post-adultery marriages, post-riot cities, even post-genocide Rwanda. It can here too. There is, in fact, no other place to look.’…(from Colson Center)…and I think of the way the people of Charleston showed such love after the evil in their city…I hope we can truly listen to each other…?

  67. Welcome back, you were very much missed. I too am disillusioned with the violence going on all around us, and since your latest posting the senseless slaughter of 5 police offers trying to protect a peaceful protest. Your roses are divine and I must confess that after your last post from Charleston, I was so inspired by your framed watercolor painting I went online and ordered a used 2nd copy of your latest book and tore the pictures of your paintings out and framed them all. They are now hanging in my home office. Please don’t disappear for too long again.

  68. Welcome back! I’ve had your wonderful books to keep me inspired since your hiatus. Hopefully you’ve had time for more watercolor painting.

    I’m looking for a source for your Nason Moratti glassware. I’ll be in Venice next summer — and remember reading once you got those lovely stems in purple over there. May I ask your source?

    • Hi Terry, Thanks for getting in touch. I am indeed taking some time for more painting. Re Nason Moretti, I can’t remember the exact location but a good place to start would be their website Buon viaggio!

  69. Dearest Carolyne,

    Two important parts of our yoga practice is to learn to honor ourselves, then, honor others. Namastay is to honor our selves and Shantay is to honor others. So to you I say Namastay and Shantay.

    Love you honey,


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