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  1. Dear Ms. Roehm,
    I have most of your books and look forward to adding At Home in the Garden to my collection. I am looking to retire in an area where one can dine outdoors in the garden during summer months, without being bothered by mosquitos, nosee’ums, bees, etc. Would the states in the zone 6 gardening category be the correct guideline?
    Thank you!

  2. After enjoying your lovely appearance at ADAC, I was further blessed to see your Charleston home on Halloween…..what a “treat” to see it charmingly adorned for the holiday plus costumed greeters at your door giving candy treats to the many little goblins, So typical of your generous and beautiful nature!

    • Thanks Eve—-those blow up goblins were bought from Lowes!!!! the live ones were me and Simon! cr

  3. I think the internet bugs ate my comment, as I left one on Thursday. I really thought you took pictures and placed them next to botanical prints. I LOVE your paintings. Will you make prints? I guess if I had the book I could see them all, or most. I bought a botanical print from a local last Summer in Yorktown of a plant native only to the area; my son was with me and now he likes botanical prints too!

    I too would like to know of your book tour schedule. I don’t know if I will be in VA or WI then. Since I started reading your books I have heard other people here in Virginia Beach talk about how they love your decorating books. Alas I love the garden and consider it an extension of the home. Maybe even co-mingled with it.

    • Margot thank you—tonight I was studying a fabulous French painter and I am humbled by his talent—-so very much to learn with no assurance that I will ever do anything that well—cr

      • You have a “Passion” for the world around you just as those artists, and that will carry you far. Who says one persons talent is better than another, it’s just different.

        Fashion and homemaking are arts too, and we all know you have mastered that!

        • Passion and enthusiasm takes one to many places some of them glorious and some at times painful but never dull-cr

  4. I have all of your books and love them. Your paintings are masterpieces. So talented. Thanks for sharing your many
    talents and gifts with us.

  5. Carolyne,
    I have just bought myself the most beautiful present!
    .Your book is indescribably exquisite and turning each page is a treat.
    You never fail to amaze me by your talent and enthusiasm for all things ‘Bright and Beautiful’ and for sharing it all with us.
    Thank you!
    Just magnificent.

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