Going Green II , Aspen

maquette Europe & Japon-27mai-32 (dragged)As I said in my last post, going green in Aspen is a totally different challenge. Here I have no garden to raid, no streets of New York with its endless green grocers and flower stands to select from, and certainly no wholesale flower market. So all my “floral” and table decoration is  primarily from the two local grocery stores. At certain times of the summer the Saturday street market has some things but since my dahlia farmer retired, it is hit or miss.  Limited to be sure – but one works with what one has. I use a lot of green ferns to decorate but sometimes it is hard to find those. So invention is sometimes necessary.

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A desparate rush to the grocery and I fill two pewter bowls with the ubiquitous Granny Smith apples and a centerpiece of broccoli, kale and parsley was all I could come up with. There are a couple of nice florists in Aspen but I just never think to use them – I am the ultimate do it your self gal, and we all have our habits.

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I like mixing all the  different hues of green: blue green, yellow green, chartreuse, emerald and pine and so on. Above you have a close up of my green bouquet.

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Instead of risotto I prepared spinach fettuccine with a basil cream sauce – which I meant to add peas to but forgot them!

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As I had just taught myself to make the chocolate rose leaves for decoration I decided to use the same dessert as I did for the luncheon back at Weatherstone. So I made small ramekins of mint chip ice cream (not homemade) decorated with the chocolate leaves and served mint chip brownies that my mother and I have made for years. Sorry no pictures, I forgot!

As another alternative for a green table I took out the rectangular table and did two round tables and decorated with grocery store fruit and a mix of greens and a few pinecones from the forest around the house.

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I have a pair of these super sized antler candelabra I bought yeas ago for the hunting lodge look of this house.  Everything in Aspen is more rustic, thus the stag flatware, instead of silver, the pewter bordered rustic  plates, and Morano glasses rather than crystal. One could also use the simple ring of fruit and pine as a Christmas decoration.

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A close up of the table.

I shall be trotting off to France next week to work and will fill you in on that trip upon my return. Happy Labor Day – cr

27 thoughts on “Going Green II , Aspen

  1. Beautiful post!
    Those Murano glasses are to die for. You seem to have them in every color.
    Do you have a U.S. source for them, or are they imported from Italy?
    Love all your photos!

    • Hi thank you the name of the manufacturer of the glasses is Nasson and Moretti—they are from venice I do have them in for colors as they are classic—Barney’s and Berdorfs used to sell them but as my are old I am not sure who does sell them but with the internet I am sure you will find them–best, cr

  2. Clever, clever, clever! The centerpiece blends beautifully with the Venetian glass and the meal looks delicious.

    Carolyne, I think you could be in the middle of the desert surrounded by nothing but sand…and still come up with an ingenious and gorgeous tablescape…

    • You bet–I think of redheads and green and I think of Maureen O’Hara!!! thanks- cr

    • Thanks Donna–I’ll try to keep them coming off to Paris for work next week.best-cr

  3. Beautiful as always, and thanks for the fettuccine with basil cream sauce. We are hosting a small dinner party and I was not sure what to make and now thanks to your posting I now have something different and new to make. I think first course will be a Caprese Salad…Thanks for the inspiration. You have to tell me how you take such good pictures of food. Every time I take a picture of my food, no matter how beautiful it looks in person the picture looks like crap!! PS just received the “Neoclassicism” book and its fantastic.. Thanks…..

    • Hey Peter did the post this morning and as I have house guests coming I decided to fix it again with grilled salmon and large salad. Glad you like the book —I have looked at it over and over during the years. best, cr

  4. Love that you forgot to add the? I forget what you forgot but it certainly adds warmth to your post.

  5. That all looks terrific Carolyne and I think you did a wonderful job of “flower” arrangements. Much better than some stiff florist’s do. Actually, I can’t think of anything better to suit the rustic look. I hope you have fun in France. I’m about to leave the UK again for a few months in Canada.
    PS. How’s the painting coming along. I’m looking forward to seeing some of your own art on the walls somewhere. 😀

    • Hi Veronica–safe travels and Yes you will probably see those watercolors hanging someplace. In fact I have six hanging in my kitchen in Charleston. I will post that when I get back to Charleston in the fall. cr

  6. Dear Carolyne,

    Lovely. Love the tall candelabra, centrepieces are a weakness for me. Did you know that the Granny Smith apple originated in Eastwood, New South Wales (ten minutes drive from where I live) in 1868.
    Could we have a post from Paris, perhaps a shop with beautiful glassware and tableware or a flower shop. I was last in Paris 19 years ago and envy the fact that you are just five hours away from all that beauty.

    ????. Marie ????

    • Hi Marie,
      I have two Australian house guests here in Aspen —they just arrived last night and along with Simon are doing the full court press for my trip to OZ. Yes I shall do a post from Paris. best cr

  7. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention and you invent so well! Just out of curiosity, are you able to repurpose all that fruit in your center pieces? I love those pewter rimmed plates. Safe travels and Bon voyage. Lucky you that you can go to Paris even if it is for work.

    • Hi Karen—the plates are from an Italian company called Match—they do a large collection of wonderful pewter as well. Yes those Granny smiths and grapes go into my morning fruit and vegetable smoothie. best cr

  8. I adore your way of using basic elements and combining them to make a sophisticated presentation. I continue to look forward to each post and will wish you safe travels.

  9. Your ingenious use of the leafy veggies is perfect. And looks right at home on the table, no apologies necessary. The huge candlelabra is exquisite, it’s perfect with the Vagabond house flatware. I’ll be keeping my eye out for one! Thanks for inspiring us. Bon Voyage! Bises a la belle France.

  10. Dear Carolyne,

    I have been following you in your books since the Notebook series. I have always just adored your tablescapes, flowers – both in gardens and in arrangements – for years now. They are absolutely breathtaking! Had lost track of you – my fault – but saw your books in my bookcase and wonder what you were up to. Wow! I have much to catch up on…… I have always admired your great sense of flair and style and can only hope to aspire to such greatness. Please keep up the beautiful work as so many of us are inspired by you. You have such a great joy of life and a love of beautiful things. Please never lose sight of this. Your view of life and sharing its gorgeous beauty with us is such a great blessing and gift. I, for one, thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this beauty with us, your readers. Many blessings to you and yours, Kathleen

    • Dear Kathleen,

      Thank you for that lovely email. Right now is a rather stressful time in my life so reading something so encouraging gifts a lift to my day. Many many thanks –cr

  11. Hello Carolyne,

    I love these! I work at Strawberry Hill in London, it’s Horace Walpole’s 18th century gothic castle – I think you would like it here! I think you might have a picture of Horace’s dog, Patapan! I am in New York on 24/25/26 September – if you are around for a coffee, I would be thrilled to see it!

    You should definitely come and visit us in London too – http://www.strawberryhillhouse.org.uk/index.php
    Hope to hear from you.

    • Hi Claire —I am off on a photo shoot.—-but with the way the calendar changes check in again–cr

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