The 4th of July from Different Points of View

Nature’s Red (  Rose: Fourth of July ) White and …. True Blue With my beloved mom not getting any younger, I like to spend of  as many the holidays as possible with her. This year I thought it would be just the two of us, along with our furry friends. How … Continue reading

Glorious Peony Time – One of the Joys of my Garden (WHOOPS it went out…)

I am a technology nightmare !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-—here I wanted to share my tree peonies and herbaceous peonies and in one dumb swoop I eliminated the text!!!!!!!!! …..maybe some of you will be relieved not to have my blathering on about my glorious peonies. If a picture is  worth a 1000 words then … Continue reading

The Media Room -Well sort of !

As I have often stated “ inspiration for design can be found everywhere”. A flash of color in nature, a flower or even a  single petal can inspire an entire train of thought. For the “media” room at Chisolm House good luck at the auction house inspired the decoration of … Continue reading