The Birth of the Bird Room!


The bird painting that inspired the ” Bird Room” is in place,  walls are painted but much to be done…floor,  upholstery, curtains and so on and on!




The Birth of the Bird Room at Chisholm House.
Having regaled you with my travels on the recent bicycle trip to France it seems a perfect segue into the geneses of the bird room at Chisholm House. It was on my first bicycle trip to Burgundy  that I found a painting that would become the focal point and inspiration for the room.

For some history and context that leads to the purchase of the painting we flash back three years ago when  I was off on an extraordinary trip with Emmanuel Ducamp,
a friend,  who is  a scholar specializing in the 18th and 19thc. decorative arts  of both France and Russia. We were visiting Moscow and  St. Petersburg during the Russian Easter. It was in St Petersburg that I saw a beautiful painting ( one of many ) that particularly spoke to me, in the vast collection of Catherine the Great. It was by a Dutch painter I had not heard of named Paul de Vos.  He was a Baroque painter from Holland who specialized in grand scenic animal paintings much in the manner of the  better known master Frans Snyder.

Four months later I am off on  the Burgundian  bicycle adventure. We began our trip in  Beaune and after cycling the second morning I felt” the need” to wander ( meaning to get off the bloody bicycle) around the town. So while the others cycled off into the country side I “cycled” into an antiques store I had noticed the previous day. There I found several wonderful pieces of 18th c. French furniture. After just having purchased the house in South Carolina my mind was already in decorating overdrive so finding a cache of beautiful things was so exciting and fun. Just as I was leaving the shop I noticed a painting that I liked very much and somehow seemed so familiar to me. When I ask the dealer who the artist was he said a man named Paul de Vos …ahhhh…….as in Catherine the Great’s painting, which, by the way also had many birds in it. I decided by the next days departure to splurge and buy the painting …this was my first acquisition for the Charleston house.     (As an aside) Simon always points out my misplaced priorities —no beds, no chairs, no appliances, tons of work to do in restoration….but I have a bird painting sitting in France… whee!

Finally after two years of planning and work the bird room is almost finished. I need curtains… perhaps. ..I do love the unfiltered  light in the room  and  do not want to cover up the architectural detailing of the windows so the final curtain decision remains to be seen. I have three pieces of furniture that arrived just last week from Jonathan Sainsbury that need to be  painted and glazed. I would like  a couple of more birds plus a few more accessories…   but that will all come in due time. Below are a few pictures of the evolution of the room that started with a painting  that was found, almost from the seat of a bicycle,  in France


vert1 tg

For the last few years I have become very interested in birds in art.  This is a close up detail of an amazing bird that is in the Jean-Baptiste Oudry ( 1686-1766) painting I have in the morning room at Weatherstone.


While at a speaking engagement for a charity in Florida I discovered a wonderful water colorist and now own five of his paintings of birds. He is a living artist who does paintings of nature,  is a wonderful draughtsman and I am a big fan! His name is Scott Kelly and in my Interiors book you can see his work in my homes.


This close up of the bird is from the first set of English ironstone that I bought in( yikes) 1981! It is probably where my birds in design interest started.


More birds from Weatherstone – birds as a motif in Delft and an 18th century wall bracket with a phoenix draped below.


The great guys from our construction company Palmetto Craftsmen hoisting another mirror at Chisholm House; the mirror it is reproduction of an 18th c. Chinese Chippendale model featuring HoHo birds a common motif for the period—I believe the HoHo bird is a sign of prosperity, wisdom and good fortune…. may that be so!



I am making the rooms at the house rather Spartan—for me anyway—in that there is not a lot of stuff  in the rooms which I feels allows the furniture and objects to breath. I even rather like this unfinished and clean look —is s peaceful to me.

untitled1-2 copy

In this photo  the first porcelain bird I bought for the house and the Syrie Maugham chairs that I  purchased from the fabric house Quadrille. I had already selected the fabrics for the bird room that were near perfect in color harmony for the bird painting but when I discovered these chairs in their showroom I switched to a combination of Quadrille fabrics because I liked the freshness of the clean blue and white on the chairs.


The earlier choice of fabrics worked better with the Paul de Vos painting but something about these coordinated fabrics from Quadrille seemed younger in spirit….as we all know  design is a process of  evolution and change…


Fast forward months later  and the floor is now faux painted by my friend Heath Johnson ( more about him and other artisans  that I worked with on this project in another post).  Most of the furniture is here… as always there is more to be done but at least the room is now livable.


After waiting for months the final pieces of furniture have arrived. The dolphin console
has yet to be painted and glazed —just arrived last friday— but I love that the console echoes the dolphins in the Sryie Maugham chairs. The reproduction of what I think are outstanding pieces of antique furniture carved by craftsmen in England is under the guidance of Jonathan Sainsbury  and his company. You will read more about Jonathan as the house evolves. The watercolor of the heron is by artist Scott Kelly


My other big extravagance —besides  the the Paul de Vos painting– are the pair of  pineapples  by the very talented artist Carmen Almon  who creates beautiful almost botanical art in tole.  Here her work is presented in a pair  of 18th century brass pieces  which I purchased at my favorite antique store in New York- The Chinese Porcelain Company.


I bought this painted 18thc. clock from northern Germany years ago. It was in Aspen but I felt it better suited for the house in Charleston. I think on my tombstone I should carve ” She moved furniture” as I seem to move both furniture…. and gardens all of the time.
The wall brackets are reproductions that I have always loved and finally bought them to be the perch for more birds.

I love the matte blue paint with the chalky white objects in the room – it reminds me of old Wedgewood


Now “Birds Learning to Sing” in the more finished room.

A close up of the mad red parrot …who I am sure is complaining about the singing quality of the other birds.

And last…. a view of the work to be done; deciding upon the type of curtains, and the painting and glazing of the table that arrived from Jonathan Sainsbury. The antique wooden bird will go on a column in a corner behind the table.  I have been reticent about curtains —in most of my houses I do not have any– because I like shutters and in Chisholm House I like the architecture of the window surrounds but at night,  as the house is in the middle of a very busy part of the historic district, privacy will be an issue. So decisions…. yet to be made.









155 thoughts on “The Birth of the Bird Room!

  1. Carolyne, Your bird room is fascinating and absolutely breathtaking. Love the blue and white color scheme. The color of the paint on the wall is so deep and rich, but not heavy or dark, perfect color. The fabric choices do give the ornate pieces a young fresh look. I am learning from you! So glad you are sharing your new journey in your Charleston home. I was in your beautiful city last month and loved driving up and down the streets looking at the beautiful architecture. Enjoy the Process!

    • Kathysue Charleston is very special and I hope it will become a place where I spend a lot more time.. I like the small town feeling. Thanks for you thoughts cr


    • Thank you so much for liking my site —it is a lot of work for one person and so you and others liking it makes me feel it is worthwhile cr

  3. What a refreshing room. Very calming, yet in a organized and thought-filled way. I love the colors and the accents you already have – can’t wait to see the rest. I would have been tempted by the bird picture also. You made the right choice. 😉

    • Hi Lisa
      I think flaming and clear are the right words for the room—–if I ever want to sell the bird painting now I know who to call!!! Ha best, cr

    • I think Quadrille has a lot of nice fabrics—i also did my bedroom in their fabric–cr

  4. It’s beautiful – I agree that it would be a shame to dim that wonderful light that comes into the room. However, privacy is also a wonderful thing!

  5. It seems a shame to cover the window surrounds as they are lovely,but I am confident you will make the right decision.
    What a wonderful room it has turned into.Very special!

  6. First, you have a great sense of humor. I am just truly stunned as to how beautiful the room is. The blue on the walls is soft and the whites remind me of my Aunt’s sheets – crisp and starched. I do hope that your purchase of the home and the work you are putting into it evolves into a book. Or, better yet a series as to how each room was transformed.. Frankly, I really do not get the biking thing. Though if it leads you to the shops all is worth it in the end.
    I should not be reading your blog and Jacques Garcia’s Twenty Years of Passion at the same time!

    • I have been to J. Garcia’s chateau and it is amazing….. makes the rest of feel we are living a very pedestrian life! How I lust after his double allee !!!!!!! in his garden. I had no idea a designer could make so much because this project has cost a fortune!! Yikes it is truly unbelievable —–he is talented as a designer and as a historian of 18th c. France cr

      • >I gather you did not do this as part of a tour group? Only on page 65 (the drawing room) so I immediately went to the back and was dumbfounded by the gardens. I am reading each page very carefully and have already noted that I need to order In Praise of the Interior and Talking with Angels, both noted in the introduction. My suggestion of turning a bedroom into a library fell on deaf ears. But, I have only begun by Crusade!
        Perhaps if I appear weak and pale while singing carols outside at Christmas I will be invited into the home.

  7. CR. I love this sophisticated and elegant room…… is so fresh end inviting <3

        • Hi I believe it was the classic Decorator White from Benjamin Moore in a totally matte finish—–I use that a lot. cr

  8. Everything you have chosen is exquisite. I would be happy sitting on the floor of an empty bird room staring at the Birds Learning to Sing. The rest of your choices are just delicious icing on this Charleston cake.


  9. Stunning!

    I have been a fan of yours for more than 25 years. I actually copied your raspberry rolled arm sofas with tassels in 1985 for our living room. From that point forward, you were always my “go to”. My children, now all adults, have gifted me with every one of your books through the years, which are proudly displayed in our home on Nantucket which is…..of course….decorated in all BLUE & WHITE.


    Thank you,


    • Thank you Penny I am so happy you have enjoyed my books. I shall always love blue and white in just did a table with it last night….best cr

  10. I believe the name of the artist who did your pineapples might be Carmen Almon….if it is not I would love to know who it might be……beautiful room…I would not like curtains either…such a restful room.

    • Yes Jan yes it is Carmen Almon I just could not pull the name from my brain—happens way to often these days !!! cr

  11. I have been excitedly watching the progress on your Charleston home. I knew your restoration of Chisholm House would be exquisite but, after seeing these photos, I think this home may be your most beautiful yet!
    I am waiting for the chance to pre-order the book which I hope won’t be too far in the future!

    • Thank you Barbara —-it has not been an easy house to do because every room has windows or doors breaking every wall so not easy to arrange furniture…I imagine i will do a book but right now I am busy working on the book on my gardens at Weatherstone best, carolyne

  12. Every time i see your posts i am really impressed. Your taste is wonderful and i enjoy looking at the beatifull fotos. The decoration of your bird room is stunning and it goes very well with an old charleston house.
    Congratulations from germany

  13. What a wonderful room and it goes so well in an old charleston house. I enjoy your posts and your beautiful fotos.
    Congratulations from germany

  14. Very pretty! So fresh and perfect for Charleston! What is the name of the blue paint…such nice depth!
    Many thanks for an inspiring post. xo

    • Hi Karen, I need to get the name or number from the paint can I know it was from Sherwin Williams —several people have asked and I will post it cr

  15. The “Bird Room” is breathtaking to say the least. We live in the Midwest and I have always been fascinated with the South, the history, the food, the traditions and the people. Charleston is one of our favorite places and have been visiting there over the past 45 years. If I believed in reincarnation I would have lived in Charleston and ” my daddy was rich and my mama was good looking”. I wish you were the editor of Traditional Home and or Veranda. Years ago when I first started my love affair with these two magazines they spoke to me, now they are more contemporary and the lusciousness is gone. So sad. When I look at the rooms and gardens you create my heart sings. I get that excited feeling I used to get turning the pages when those magazines had their original editors. You are perfect. Thank you for bringing so much beauty to my life and to so many others.

    • Thank you Terry,
      I have often thought being an editor or starting my own magazine— I even did a mock up for one with Doug Turschen ( who helps me with my books) it was very pretty I was going to call it Life and Style –years later I think some group has that name. I think I would have been a good editor but alas no one asked me

      • In regards to Life & Style your thinking of Bauer Publishing who is big at the check out with that Woman’s World, etc. I do not think that would be your style. Also, with a tight newsstand display and ad sales fighting for every dollar they can get in for print and digital it is a tight market now. It must have been a very beautiful layout.
        I know we all look forward to your next blog.
        And, no one should be allowed to note what has been done to the exterior of the home unless it is contained in the blog.. It is called allowing the author to build momentum in their story.

        • Hi Adrian,
          You are so well informed I assume you are in the publishing world somehow…Thanks for the insights best, carolyne

  16. Gorgeous! As usual! I am building a house in west Texas and I just hired Cathy Kincaid for the interiors. I told her “I have two words for you, Carolyne Roehm.” She understood perfectly!

    • Dear Patti—-you are so dear makes me feel sooooo good…thank you for the lovely compliment —-cr

  17. oh my, I have to say this is one of my most favorite rooms of your creations, yet! I am obsessed with blue and white too, but I tend to lean towards the lighter blues, more Swedish Gustavian in feel. Thats why I love the wall color you chose. Keeping the palette simple was brilliant and I do hope you do another blue and white book. I have three copies of your first blue and white book and they are all “well-loved”.
    The painted floor is exceptional as well. I really look forward to seeing what you choose for the window coverings!
    Thank you so much for sharing the progress of the room. its just as fascinating to me as the finished product!

    • Paula For me blue and white is eternal—-I was just out in the garden photographing blue delphinium in from of white shrub roses. thanks cr

  18. May a room be described as calm and poised ? I have been admiring bird paintings in the homes of Suzanne Rheinstein and Furlow Gatewood. My list grows with your v elegant room. The tole artist must be Carmen Almon. You have provided me with a rare opportunity to see her work in such detail. This is a confection of a photograph with the Chippendale ground. Thank you, thank you.

    • Beth you are so right it is Carmen Almon—-my goodness how do I forget her name—she is so very talented. thank you for the that —-cr

  19. OH! Beautiful beyond words. I too, wish that you will place all of this in a new book. Your attention to detail is enchanting. It is so tongue in cheek that the birds have a music sheet to sing by. A lovely home restoration for graceful Charleston! Thank you for showing us your new passion. Kind regards, EJ.

    • Hi EJ thank you…. what gave me the courage to go on with this costly project was the architect that helped me —more about Rob later. He reminded me that I was preserving a piece of American artistic, social and architectural history by resurrecting this old house. cr

  20. If you don`t like curtains, why not just have the bottom half of the window panes glazed ?

    Privacy with simplicity.

  21. I am just loving the style and elegance of this beautiful room you have created! I have started an interior design course through open uni and am so inspired by this!!! Am looking forward to following you and learning from your fabulous designs!

    • What fun it is to take a class –I am the continuos student–just looking at some drawing and photography ones myself to day—have fun cr

  22. Lovely CR! I am in Charleston for the weekend and drove by the house. The garden is amazing and a lot of work. Glimpse of the tailored work of the drapery is fantastic … Thanks for sharing your beautiful work and engendering the best from all of us in the process.

    • Thank you Phillip—stay cool down there —I was there last week and it was blazing

  23. I am in love with these amazing fabrics. Your choice for upholstery on the sofa facing the console in front of the fireplace takes my breath away. That bird painting is exquisite in EVERY way! I can’t wait to view the entire finished product. I have no doubt whatever decision you make regarding window treatments for privacy will be perfection.

  24. Love the matte blue walls. Hard to find a rich, grey-blue such as yours’. Will you share the color and manufacturer?

    • Hi Tracey—-Originally I had selected a Farrow and Ball color which went beautifully with the original fabrics– I remember it was called oval room blue. But when I switched fabrics that color no longer worked so I went to the local Sherwin Williams store and found a couple of blues there unfortunately I am in CT. and cannot remember the name but when I find out I will post it. But if you go to their store you might figure it out. The other thing is I always use matte paint–in all of my houses. I like the chalkiness of it tho it is not very practical in term of ware and care—- the painters kept trying to put egg shell but i kept saying no FLAT….it reminds me of the paint in old swedish houses cr

  25. Gracious, beautiful room, please include me to your Latest postings.
    Foster Meagher

    • Thank you so much —I am not sure I can add you Foster I think you have to click something

  26. I absolutely love how this room has turned out, exquisite! You nailed the color with Wedgewood as an inspiration. Is the faux artist that did the marble painting on the floor from South Carolina or did he come from New York? I have been on at least 20 of the Historical and Preservation Society home and garden tours in Charleston. It has been a true learning experience. It is such a lovely city to be in the spring and fall. Have you considered sharing it that way? If you do, I’ll be the first in line for a ticket..

    • Hi Goldie —I am sure they will ask…I have had hints we shall see if I ever finish the bloody place along with the garden–cr

  27. Absolutely beautiful . Blue and white, my favorite.
    Have so enjoyed over the month of our daily walks watching the progress of the exterior.

    • I shall be back this fall so if you see a woman outside planting stop and say hello–cr

      • Would love to. We are in Highlands until the fall so will look foe you when I return to Charleston and walkiing. Much too hot to plan in Charleston in the summer, but I can work out all day in the mountains and love it. Also as u , I can plants things I can not have in Charleston, ie peonies, rhodies , dahlia etc. I do love gardening. Have a great summer.

  28. Dear Carolyne,

    How stunning and beautiful!
    Albert (Hadley) would just add some cotton sheer curtains on the lower half
    I would suggest a cotton sheer or linen and cotton, edged in the blue, with crystal fringe but very very simple full height
    perhaps Mr Sainsbury could make poles and rings with bird finials?
    over white painted matchstick roll shades for privacy (inside the frames)
    Do you have shutters too?
    Dean # 1 fan

    • All good ideas Dean—-I think I need to spend some more time there to really understand my needs like sitting in there t night time to see how exposed I feel—–thank you—alas I cannot afford any more from Mr. Sainsbury still awaiting to large mirrors and my bed which I ordered in Sept. 2012!!!!! been sleeping on the floor! best, carolyne

  29. This room is by far, my favorite of any you have created! Thank you for sharing it, I’m truly inspired. It feels so “fresh and young”; it’s polished yet manages to feel relaxed and happy. Your choices for fabrics and trims, as well as that wall color are the perfect compliment for the other elements. I appreciate your sharing so many resources for exploring. If all the new rooms are as uplifting as this one, the house will be magical. Do keep us posted…

    • Thank you Melanie—-will continue to show the progress! I am happy you like it —cr

    • Dear Carmen, I am so glad you wrote and I am so sorry I could not remember your name —-it happens all of the time now. When I wrote the post The Chinese Porcelain Company was closed so I could not call Pierre. But two of your fans wrote in your name……I am going to fix that in the post right now. I love what you do and Vladimir always speaks so highly of you —-It took weeks to decide because of the big ticket price but finally I just had to have them!!!!!!! warm regards carolyne

  30. It’s absolutely stunning Carolyne! I was planning on purchasing the dolphin table when I saw it a few years ago. Now it’s definitely on my list. My bird room is my dining room and is filled with white Boehm birds (some of the largest ever made by them). A massive Chinese Chippendale cabinet is filled with somewhat smaller Boehm birds of color. It will be finished with hand painted Chinese wallpaper.-birds and flowers of course! You are an inspiration!

    • Your rooms sound wonderful!!! We share both a bird room and a love of Chinese Chippendale!!!! best, carolyne

  31. Simple white Roman shades. Up in the day, down at night. Beautiful room!


  32. What a beautiful room. I hope you will share the other rooms. I have collected all of your books and anxiously await the next. I admire your design aesthetic. It has inspired my in my own collection of blue and white.

  33. Dear Carolyne,

    Wow! What an inspiring mix of words and images.
    I’m not even a blue and white person, but this posting is making me re-think things. What a gift you give us all by letting us see the world through your eyes.

    It takes not only creativity but courage to put yourself out there, and you are marvelous to be out there — inspiring us, encouraging us, and illustrating your vision as you work through your gardens and homes.


    • Terry, Thank you thank you for your kind words—I am a at best an occasional and inconsistent blogger so your encouragement is inspiring. best carolyne

  34. Would Roman Shades be inappropriate? I, like you, do not like draperies in my homes. While I appreciate them sometimes in certain settings, I hate covering up my window detail also and prefer the light. Your color scheme is stunning. Would love to see the kitchen – always my favorite room of any grand house. One of my favorite things to do when in Newport is to see the kitchens – my heart is always in there a la Downton Abbey. You are my “live vicariously through” person in the search, see and implement department! Hope you are having great fun!

    • I also am always interested in kitchens—it is after all the center of the home for most of us —and yes, I shall show some pictures of the kitchen. I think it is the most successful room in the house. cr

  35. What a splendid room! It is gracious and restful. I love the pineapples and I suspect so do your birds. Thank you for sharing the evolution of this transformation.

    • I need to find out the name of the color—I can tell you it is a Sherwin Williams paint…once I get the name I shall post it cr

  36. Love everything! Could you post contact information for Florida artist Scott Kelly?
    Best! Molly

  37. The entire room is stunning! Perfection! Would you share the name of the various fabric patterns from Quadrille? The print on the sofa looks like Bromante to me. I would love to know the pattern used on the Syrie Maugham chairs. Again, thank you for sharing this. Also, I enjoyed so much your post on the paintiing trip.

    • Marion you are correct it is Bromante and I shall get the other names for you —but if you contact Paul at Quadrille he can tell you just say you read my blog Quadrille is in the D&D building in NYC best, carolyne

  38. Carolyne….I’m looking at pictures of this beautiful room…..beautiful blue and white (yes! Wedgewood!) and shaking my head….for you see, I am not a bird person! Give me flowers and not birds! And I vote: no curtains! The room is lovely without them. Love everythng you do!! BK

  39. Curtains for the night are one consideration, but so is that strong southern daylight, which can do a number on paintings and prints. This isn’t Manhattan by a long way.

    • Hi Bill you are so right about that—I had to put uv protection on all of there windows cr

  40. So very very beautiful…as with everything you’ve done. You are such an inspiration. A very good friend of mine once told me when my husband and I began our home remodel..”It is not the costs that you will remember, but rather what you’ve created” Sending you courage and determination to keep going!

  41. Do not mean to be presumptuous, but would a white organdy panel on the lower half of the window be something to consider? The simplicity would allow the room to shine on its own without the often fussy touch of too much drapery.

  42. Everything you do ,in my opinion ,is absolutely exquisite!Is there nothing that you can’t do?I believe,if given the challenge ,you could even “spin straw into gold”! Please continue sharing your wonderful achievements with your “merely mortal”fan base ?I bow down to your greatness and thank you for putting so much pleasure into this dreamers life xxx

    • Dear Susan,
      You flatter me and I love it! Thank you for your very encouraging words!! cr

  43. Dear Ms. Carolyne,

    What a beautiful, gracious home! I did not wish to claim a favorite room yet; however, the blue and white is definitely my favorite so far.

    I look forward to your continued work in one of our ‘ol jewels. Welcome to the Lowcountry!

    Warm regards,

    • Hi Sarah,

      Thanks so much I hope I have secured the well being of Chisholm House for a couple of hundred years more! cr

  44. Carolyne
    You caught my attention immediately when you purchased the painting itself and your visit to Russia. I am an avid fan of Russian history (up to 1918) and French History (end of the 3rd Republic). Really, who cares about all this bloody democracy business thereafter. So, mention Catherine the Great and I am already loving it.
    But, regardless of the painting, or the floor which is great work in itself my eyes go right to the corner table with four chairs. It makes you want sit down with a friend or just yourself and write – read – look out the window. Have a lazy afternoon drink.
    Thank you for giving us the name of the paint. My mind is working at this moment.
    Yes, I am in publishing. Regards, Adrian

    • Hi Adrian,
      Like you I love the 18th and 19th centuries what masters of design, ingenuity, and craftsmanship!! Trying to find time to sit and read or paint at that table before too long! cr

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  46. what a fabulous room. congratulations! are the birds on the brackets by anne gordon?

    • Hi Jane,
      No they are not but I shall look up her work—thanks for the tip–cr

  47. So wonderfu! My work plans for today are out the door; I am starting over! What an inspiration!

    • I hope what ever you are doing in this ” starting over ” is successful, best- cr

  48. Going through your archives I cam across the pasta sauce recipe from July 2013. What make of pasta do you and that chef use?

  49. Hello Dahling!! How about something on the windows fluttery and wing- like? Either a mid sized valance. Perhaps sheer and hand painted like feathers? Or long. My imagination is flying! Andrea

  50. Dear Carolyne, the Great Designer,

    Thank you for sharing your Charleston project with us; it is truly beautiful and a work of art.
    I wish you much happiness and good health in your new home. The bird room is exceptional –bringing nature
    inside in a unique manner which is CR. Love the red bird in the midst of the blue and white room. I love reading and viewing your postings; I get to learn art history, gardening, and design and much more–all in one. Congratulations!

    • Thank you Susana,
      Funny I to love that red bird he is my favorite! Thanks for the comments cr

  51. You have the BEST taste!! I can’t wait for you to post more pictures. Where did you find the brackets on the walls? I think you mentioned they were reproductions.
    Thank you Carolyne,

    • Hi I bought through the Michael Taylor showroom in the D and D building in NYC. ( designer and decorator building) cr

  52. Carolyne it is so lovely. The floor reminds me so much of Weatherstone. I trulylove how each of your homes including your sweet weatherpebble (name so cute) all have a similar thread of your style and signature. I think I could see random rooms and immediately pick out which one belonged to you. Love your home. I can’t wait to see the finished product. So wonderful.
    Happy for you.
    Lisa Mercado-Fernandez

  53. Love, love your inspiration for this room – and what a great story too. The colors are extraordinary. I appreciate you so much, your vision, your moxie, and of course, I have received hours of pleasure from your wonderful books. Sometimes when I’m not having a great day, I reach for “A Passion for Blue and White” and get lost in the images. I live about two hours away from your hometown of Kirksville and think of you when we go through there.

    • Thank you Serena—-a gal from my neck of the woods!!!!! Glad you like the books I am working on a new one! cr

  54. As usual, your impeccable style and sense of grace is reflected in this beautiful labor of love. Thank you for sharing your homes, and for inspiring me through the years – first in fashion, then floral design, table design, gardens and of course interior spaces. I simply adore everything you create, Ms. Roehm!
    As I live fairly near Charleston, I hope to have an opportunity to meet you personally some day. I’m looking forward to enjoying your next book!

    • Tanya, thank you for the kind words I am also going to start working on a book on my over all career. best, cr

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