Adding a new Photo Gallery

1. Navigate to the Portfolio screen and select Add New

This option can be found in the Portfolio menu that appears on the left side of your dashboard, or as a button at the top of the Portfolio screen itself.

2. Add a title for the new Photo Gallery, and click the Edit with Fusion Builder button

3. Find Portfolio Categories on the far right of your screen, and check the box next to Photos

4. Next, add a Container from the Fusion Builder

Click the blue button marked + Container

5. From the screen that appears, select the second option 1/1

6. Click on the area that says + Element

7. Choose the Gallery element from the options that appear

8. Click the button that says Select Images

9. Upload new images for your gallery or select images already in the media gallery

Once you have all the images selected for your new gallery, click Create a New Gallery in the bottom right corner

9. Adjust the order and make any changes to the selected images on the next screen that appears

Captions can be left blank. Click Insert Gallery in the bottom right corner once you’re done.

10. All other settings for the gallery should remain at their default, click Save to continue

11. Scroll down until you see the dialog titled Featured Image on the right side of your screen

Click the link that says Set featured image to use the WordPress media manager to select a featured image for this gallery. This is the image that will appear on the Photo Galleries page.

12. Almost done! Scroll back up and click Publish to save your new photo gallery