It Is Tomato and Basil Time…..Yeah!

Tomatoes and Basil Oh My! As I mention in the video (with a link down below – this is my first bigger effort to do a better video, a first step) I am first and foremost a flower and tree lover, but having grown up in a farming community in … Continue reading

Delightful, Delicious Dahlias

  Delightful Delicious Dahlias As you know, I don’t like to bring current events into the blog, usually preferring to use it as a place for tranquility to share and discuss design and  lifestyle issues, some reflection and sometimes smiles. But the horrific recent events have been so upsetting and sad … Continue reading

Sorry for the Disappearing Act….but, Sometimes One Just Needs to be Quiet.

Glorious Roses – I  think I posted my first video (scroll down) – who says you cannot teach old dogs new tricks?! Dear Readers, I am sorry for the disappearing act for the last three months but my reasons are many. I have been traveling a great deal, for work … Continue reading