Timeless Techniques for Christmas

While down in my basement trying to prepare for Christmas (but of course getting sidetracked in that rabbit warren of memories), I came across an old article, circa 2002, where I was suggesting table designs incorporating geographical influences. These seem as relevant now, as they were then….so I’ve decided to share … Continue reading

A Long, Artistic Journey

Tomorrow sees me check something off my dream list – I am actually having a small exhibition and sale of prints of my original watercolor illustrations! You, my readers inspired me when so many asked if i would consider doing prints of my watercolors. So, it seems appropriate to reflect … Continue reading

Nature as a Tonic in Difficult Times

  The passage of time is  fleeting and volatile, I find it going so fast, and this last week’s events, and the rapid change have only reinforced this. Time moves so quickly, what was a current post or theme, in 2 seconds is old news – or actually perhaps it … Continue reading

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! My daily lament is “OMG, where has the year gone?” and I know for a fact that I am not alone in this feeling because I hear it from lots of friends and readers as well. It  seems like  Halloween was only yesterday, yet another year has passed … Continue reading