Tulip Time

Today I gave myself a final deadline for placing my bulb order. Despite being one of my most pleasurable garden tasks, I always leave it to the last minute, and this year, with the distraction of the book launch, I really am pushing it. As I look out over the … Continue reading

At Home in the Garden

This week starts the countdown to At Home in the Garden going on sale. It’s always a funny time, as the process of dreaming up, designing, photographing and editing takes so long, that by the time the actual book is on the (now often virtual) shelves, those early creating days … Continue reading

The Endless Bounty of the Garden

  We are still making apple cakes but last week we pulled all of the vegetables to make room for the mums. Margarida has been chopping veggies and freezing them, and the wonderful thing is that our soups and sauces made through out this coming winter will have the essence … Continue reading

Wading Through Intrepid Charleston

After a mad week at Weatherstone shooting with a European magazine, I arrived on Thursday night (the flight late of course) in Charleston.  I had, a few months ago, agreed to be part of a tour that The Institute of Classical Architecture was bringing to visit some of the historic gems … Continue reading