Back from Paris to the Beginning of Autumn in New England

maquette Europe & Japon-27mai-10 (dragged)

A spread from the upcoming Baccarat holiday mailer shot chez moi!

Hi All,

I have been back from Paris for a week but it is mum planting time at Weatherstone and I am only now getting back to you about my trip.

I cannot remember if I mentioned the reason I was going so early in September to The City of Light – as I typically love hanging out in the Rockies at this time of the year. A few months ago I was approached by two friends from Paris about the idea of styling a holiday mailer in the spirit of a magazine for the House of Baccarat. Their concept was that instead of a traditional catalog, the company wanted to try a new approach and show their crystal in the home of someone who actually uses and lives with Baccarat pieces. As the photographer would be my dear friend Sylvie Becquet, with whom I had done several of my books, I said “why not?” Lord knows after so many years of long days working together I had served us both many a glass of wine in my favorite Baccarat glasses (which alas the firm has discontinued… boo who) – alway an appropriate way to end the session.  This last mid May about a million dollars worth of crystal including tableware, chandeliers, object d’art and lots of glasses and jewelry was unpacked in my garage. Can you imagine all that precious glass with my 8 crazy dogs running around? My hair turned whiter that week! Of  course I can always resort to the bottle – the color bottle that is – plus the other kind as well, as the stress level mounted. At least we had plenty of glasses and decanters to choose from….but I digress.

The story of the shoot will perhaps come up in another post when the holiday mailer is dropped in the U.S. This is just a peek of how it was presented at the Baccarat Museum in Paris where I went to discuss our collaboration with the international press. Baccarat hosted the press, who were in town for Maison O’bjet,  at a small gathering on Thursday night, followed by a cocktail for 400 in the garden on Friday.  I shook a lot of hands and met people from all over the world. The few pictures  here were taken at night, and quickly, but it is just to show how the team decorated the room in Paris, based upon how I styled the look at Weatherstone.

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 8.10.19 AM

The opening page of what will be launched in late October – shot in the morning room at Weatherstone

maquette Europe & Japon-27mai-32 (dragged)

The old glass house in Sharon – this was one of the bigger table settings that I did for the shoot. The chandelier weighs 204 pounds and took 6 hours to unpack piece by piece,  assemble and light.  I was not sure if my old and fragile glass house would withstand the weight, thankfully it did. I thought it might be a very nice permanent addition but alas, it went home to Paris.

IMG_1074 IMG_1069

Above are two pictures of the house of Baccarat’s reinterpretation with me and photographer Sylvie Becquet talking to a journalist. In the background is a blow up of one of Sylvie’s pictures.


Yours truly being filmed for television at the Baccarat Museum.


Funny to once again, after all those years, be interviewed by the charming young reporter from WWD – not about dresses but glasses!

maquette Europe & Japon-27mai-34 (dragged)

It was Sylvie’s idea to shoot the Baccarat small crystal  butterflies with some of my butterfly paintings – I would never have suggested it but thought it a nice marriage when I saw it.


Sorry I do not have a better picture of this but the Baccarat team along with artistic director Alexandre Wolkoff came up with the idea to blow up my flower paintings and use them as the backdrop for different products offered for this coming season.


Upon my arrival at my hotel, awaiting me was a lovely bouquet from Moulie Savart – some of you may remember when I did an internship there years ago! The Baccarat folks engraved a crystal glass with my name on it to hold the flowers and then the red folder is a beautiful presentation of  our holiday project together. The French do things so well.


It seems only fitting to close this  story with the statue of Washington and Lafayette that stands proudly at La Place Les Etats Unis right next to the Baccarat museum – the ultimate example of French American collaboration – am happy to have experienced my own, small version.


More to come on the subject when the  Baccarat Holiday mailer hits the post office – this is just a sneak preview!



46 thoughts on “Paris

  1. A magnificent marriage ——–your visionary styling and the supreme quality and beauty of Baccarat !!!!!! So enjoyable to view. I particularly loved the pairing of your softly colored water colors and the colored crystal butterflies——-another marriage made in heaven !!!!!

    Your posts are always so inspiring to anyone who appreciates beauty in it’s many forms. Keep them coming, please !!!!!

  2. Dear CR,

    WOW ! So incredible! Just beyond… you’ve come into your full creative bloom! So impressed! Brava!
    You look like the picture of an elegant and poised American woman! Perfection!


  3. Carolyne.The display with your flower paintings is SENSATIONAL,as are the glorious photos taken at Weatherstone.
    It is such a treat to read your posts.

  4. This is an incredible shoot. I love Baccarat Crystal and your pictures are spectacular. I am looking forward to more soon.

  5. What a privilege to share your creative life. I am in awe of your talent! Loved the settings, will look forward to more.

    Best, June Emmert

  6. I love your glass house. I actually walked to see it the two times my hubby and I got to go to Weatherstone for Trade Secrets. It was so beautiful. I love the visual you gave of the crystal all over your home and your 8 doggies. You were brave. Haha. Everything is so lovely and what an opportunity for you. So happy for you. Can’t wait to get your book in just a few weeks.
    Will you ever do the garden tours again? Or another tag sale? I love seeing your garden. I have constance Spry because of you and your love for it. I remember seeing it along your little bridge and studio and I immediately ordered one when I got home to PA.
    God bless.

    • Dear Lisa—thank you for belief in me and my work……..I am happy you found constance spry here and brought it home to P.A. —cr

  7. Dear Carolyne,

    Wow. When I asked for a post from Paris suggesting featuring tableware, little did I realise that I would be spot on.
    What a talent you are, everything I would love to be including that slim.

    ??? Marie ???

    • Hi Marie—not as skinny as I once was God A—-lmighty how the body changes over time. Simon is busy planning my first visit to your country best cr

  8. The elegance of your displays brings back memories of my paternal grandmother. Her innate sense of blending crystal with flowers from her garden and several of her hand painted pieces of china added a sense of wonder to the delicious dinners our family enjoyed in her simple, brick home on the Canadian side of the Niagara River. The Baccarat crystal in your photo shoot so eloquently adds a hauntingly beautiful touch to the exquisite variety of settings. The idea of including tiny, crystal butterflies, etc. to photograph your lovely paintings all add up to a gift for my eyes. Thank you for sharing.
    Maeve Omstead Johnston

  9. How incredibly beautiful! I absolutely love the mixture of the flower paintings and the crystal– gorgeous idea! I can’t wait to see the entire brochure! Just Gorgeous!

  10. Dear Carolyne,

    If you come to Australia I hope you come to Sydney. If you wish I could organise a charity High Tea where the ladies could purchase your books and more people would be able to enjoy your talents and the pleasure they give.

    ?????? Marie ??? ???

    • Hi Marie ,
      That is so sweet of you! But must get a bit more organized —-with simon he planning everything cr

  11. Hi Carolyne, your Paris trip looks fabulous!

    Just a note to check in following our chat to see if your plans have changed? Are you now in New York this weekend?

    I don’t fly back to London until Sunday evening – so if you do have time, I would love the chance to come and see Patapan!

    Let me know how you are fixed. It would be lovely to meet up. My email is

    Best wishes,


    • Hi Claire I will not be there but I am trying to see if my assistant Rosa could show you the painting —she teaches a class on Sat. So she might be able to stop by best. carolyne

      • Hi Carolyne,

        Just a note to say thank you for enabling me to see the wonderful portrait of Patapan! What a stunning picture – you can really see his personality – it’s a delight!

        Walpole hung his picture of his favourite dog Patapan in his bedchamber. Walpole said in a letter to his friend Horace Mann on 25 April 1754 that Patapan ‘sits to Wootton tomorrow for his picture’. I like the thought of Patapan, clearly full of energy, having to sit for his portrait!

        Your home is beautiful. I have had an idea about a collaboration with Strawberry Hill that I hope you will like. I’ll send it across to Rosa, as I have her email.

        Warm wishes,


  12. Absolutely stunning ! You are truly amazing… My favorite poem fits you so well. ” Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others; cannot keep it from themselves. ” by James Barrie I believe I sent this to you before but it fits so well. Have many of your books and always love revisiting them. Blessings to you, pb

  13. Beauty heals the mind and soul. I am now ready for more program planning and other paper work. Thanks for the uplifting photos!

  14. How beautiful it turned out, now I am really looking forward to the up coming holiday season. Stunning as always!!!

  15. So beautiful, as usual. So glad to hear you are planning a visit Down Under!

  16. Hi Carolyne,

    Thanks for your note about the possibility of meeting up this weekend. Do you still plan to be on the photo shoot? I don’t fly back until Sunday evening – so let me know if you have time this weekend.

    Your trip to Paris looks wonderful!

    Looking forward to hearing from you and it would mean a lot to me and Strawberry Hill if I can see the painting of Patapan.

    Warm wishes,


    • I sent you an earlier email—my shoot is on but I am checking to see if my assistant can be there When do you arrive?

  17. Those Weatherstone shots are breathtaking… And you look fabulous, by the way, Carolyne…..young, elegant, slender, and timelessly au courant….

  18. Dear Carolyne,

    Forgot to mention how much I love the tall vases on a stem, what a great idea so as not to obstruct the view across the table. I hope a couple of them made their way home with you and may turn up in one of you future table settings.

    ✈️ ? Marie ?✈️

  19. Is the mailer available to us here in the USA and if, how can we get it. Would love to have one???

  20. Carolyne, Your paintings are so lovely. It is fabulous how they used your paintings in the displays. You are so very talented and it is thrilling for us to see all of this coming together. Once again, thanks so much for sharing. It is a joy to see all of these successes through your story telling. Happy Day!

  21. I am a new-comer, or late-comer, to your beautiful creative ideas, art, collaborations and design …. All through my shared love for blue and white which always takes my breath away! Hoping for a
    “A Passion for Blue and White” for Christmas!

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