Going Green II , Aspen

As I said in my last post, going green in Aspen is a totally different challenge. Here I have no garden to raid, no streets of New York with its endless green grocers and flower stands to select from, and certainly no wholesale flower market. So all my “floral” and … Continue reading

Going Green

As I continuously say, inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere. For me, just walking past a simple green grocer and seeing an odd green flower I do not know ( I suspect it comes from some exotic climate), coupled with chartreuse Spider Mums is grist for the imagination.  My mind immediately thinks … Continue reading

Hello from the Beautiful Rockies

Hello from the mountains and Thank You for your lovely responses about my up coming book!  I want you all to know that your emails and comments mean a great deal to me. Writing and creating books is a lonely, time consuming and expensive enterprise. That is why positive feed … Continue reading