Glorious Peony Time – One of the Joys of my Garden (WHOOPS it went out…)

I am a technology nightmare !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-—here I wanted to share my tree peonies and herbaceous peonies and in one dumb swoop I eliminated the text!!!!!!!!! …..maybe some of you will be relieved not to have my blathering on about my glorious peonies. If a picture is  worth a 1000 words then perhaps the photos will suffice…..but you know me, the when, the where ,the why,  and the how, is part of the story ……. but not this time I fear.  Any way I have just added this to explain why there is not a story this time. I simple don’t have the desire to rewrite it….better to just go and sniff the peonies. Some of these  photos are outtakes from Flowers, several are from my new book At Home in the Garden ( that comes out next october)  and some,  just close ups taken yesterday with my iPhone. cr





















41 thoughts on “Glorious Peony Time – One of the Joys of my Garden (WHOOPS it went out…)

  1. What a gorgeous garden. One of my most favorite flowers. Thanks for always sharing such
    beauty with all of us who admire you and your talents greatly.

    • Thanks Donna the post was not ready I had loaded the photos and was reviewing what I had written and whoosh the text disappeared and the post said published—technology is the bane of my life I need help cr

      • I always tell my son I was born in the television era, NOT the computer era. We are good at gardening, and making a home gorgeous and inviting; so that trumps the computer! Right Carolyne???
        My sister and I were able to transplant some of the peonies from our family homestead in Wisconsin, as the homestead was sold last Autumn. I am in Virginia and she is in North Carolina. So far so good!

    • These photos bring me much joy! I just started to grow Peonies and they are bringing both joy and work into my life. Now, if I can just keep them from lying down, down, down!

  2. Oscar de la Renta did a dynamite summer dress that was a mix of lavender and pink background, silk, sleeveless with print. Shades from your peony photographs. Do you purchase plants from Klehm? Simply from heaven is your garden!May is the season in our southern clime.
    thanks for this on a HOT day in Atlanta

  3. GLORIOUS! and EXQUISITE as always.
    Peonies are my favourite flowers at this time of the year.
    Don’t worry about the text this time Carolyne,these photos speak for themselves.

  4. Losing text is so frustrating!
    Don’t know if this will help, but this is what my scientist husband does since it drives him bonkers to lose ideas in the body of an email that magically disappears into Cyberspace Valhalla.
    Write the text and save it in a Word document. Then cut and paste it as appropriate to your column.
    If the text is lost in your blog, you can re-copy it. I don’t know if this fits with your software, but it’s an idea.

    Meanwhile, those glorious photos have made my morning. We don’t grow peonies in our desert environment, so we live vicariously through the lenses of others’ gardens. Thanks for being so generous!

  5. I could not imagine this world without Peonies. What an amazing flower. Your gardens are just beautiful. Thank you for sharing these gorgeous pictures with us.


  6. Your books and emails are wonderful and inspiring. I think Peonies are such a beautiful flower, summer has truly begun when they appear in the garden. Thank you for sharing with us all.

  7. Carolyne,
    Simply gorgeous! Peonies are my favorite flower — I just wish their season was more staggered so that I could enjoy them longer in the garden and as cut flowers.
    BUT — what I’d like to know: what type of camera do you use to capture their beauty? (As well as all the other photos you share with us in your books and blog!) Your photography is magnificent!! Thank you!

  8. Words are not needed the pictures tell a story unto themselves. Stunning. I was amazed to finally have my Peonys bloom for the first time in 5 years at my home in East Texas, even after a devastating tornado hit our home there, through all the wreckage and damage they bloomed beautifully, and now in our other home in Missouri they bloomed with such vigor. Can’t wait to plant many more of them. Definitely my favorite flower..Best wishes………..

  9. Such beauty…is it not hard to stop taking pictures of all the beauty that surrounds us? I seldom use a reply to
    solicit readers, but I do think you would like this post on a garden we just recently designed. Find it here:

    Thanks for sharing the loveliness…and yes, technology is the bane of our existence. I empathize!

  10. I want them. I had some lovely peonies (my favorite flower) when I lived in New York’s Hudson Valley. I cannot get them in Florida. Now I have to be content with peonies from Whole Foods. Sad.

  11. Peonies are one of my favorites. Thx for the inspiration.

    My parents have some beautiful peony plants but every time I’ve tried to bring some of the blossoms indoors I’ve noticed they’re full of ants. Any thoughts or suggestions?

    • Dip the flower heads in a bucket of water outdoors of course. Ants will float in the bucket, just dump the water and cut the flowers again under water and let them sit for an hour or so and then place in vase.

  12. Dear Carolyne,

    Two posts in two weeks, I am in heaven.
    Are you back at Weatherstone? Do you visit your various homes on a whim or do you have a set routine?
    Love your floral arrangements.

    Marie. ?

    • I was wondering this also. How do you split your time between homes? I have a similar problem.

      Kind Regards,

      • Haha… If one is to speculate on such things; Carolyne probably plan it, among other things, according to weather conditions, what are blooming in the gardens, and events. We love you CR!

      • Hi Margaret this is always a negotiation with life—so fortunate we are to have choices but it does complicate things—life is a balance–work –family–spirit– obligation— desire–finding peace —in other words I do not know and still after 64 yrs. trying to figure this out cr

  13. If only I could grow these on the coastal plains of Texas. Sigh of disappointment. Truly beautiful and I greatly appreciate your efforts and skill. You’re my guru…..

  14. Thank you so much for this beautiful post…….the colours are spectacular! Mother nature certainly gives us much to be happy about.

    Carolyn, I can help you with your technology. I am an on line college student, studying Art History so along with everything else I’ve had to learn the technology to study like this and hand in my assignments on line. Write your copy in a Word document like mentioned above and ‘Save As’ in a file you create yourself on your ‘C’ drive. Name your word document when you Save As – (for example) Glorious peony time, one of the joys of my garden, and include the date. This way when you go to submit it on your blog you select this saved word document and with the date included in the title you won’t get confused with a another document saved from a previous post.

    Now, back to your beautiful garden and your beautiful home….!

  15. I too have done a few posts already on my peonies. Unfortunately mine are all gone now but I must say here in PA it was a great year for Peonies. I had a good three weeks of filling vases and colorful heads peaking through my lattice fencing in my perennial garden. They are one of my favorites. I don’t blame you for not wanting to rewrite the post. That has happend a few times when I have worked on my blog and I always hope if I click the undo button it will magically appear but it never happens. Honestly the photos speak for themselves. They are absolutely spectacular.
    Now I don’t know if I missed this information in the past posts but I am literally giddy now after reading that you have a new book and it’s coming out in a month. I can’t wait. So excited. I have all of them. So happy for you. Congratulations!
    P.S. Just had a Downton Abbey Themed Luncheon yesterday and posted about it. Take a look if you can. Thanks.

    • Thanks Lisa but actually the book will be out at the end of october –hopefully people will like it as a holiday gift. now my roses are in bloom but I still have peonies fondly carolyne

  16. C-
    I just ALWAYS love visiting your site, not to mention all your books. You’re a constant inspiration. Peonies, garden roses, and hydrangea are my top favorites, and I look forward to the day I can have a gorgeous garden like yours. I hope you are enjoying your spring/summer!
    Best always,

  17. I too would love to know what kind of camera you are using. Your interior photos are so beautifully lit. My backgrounds are all so flat…would love to know your secret. It helps that your subject matter is so extraordinary!!! Thank you, Mary Goldenberg

    • Mary, it varies—–sometimes just my iPhone ,others with a point and shoot canon G15 or my big camera Mark II—-I never use flash and always use natural light…. hope this helps cr

  18. Peonies and Lilacs are the flowers I miss the most since moving from MN to TX. I have learned to love Jasmine and Mountain Laurel instead… I can also feel your pain on the blog post. I have done that numerous times. I have to get up and walk away or else I will probably smash my laptop into a million pieces. So much work – lost! UGH!

  19. You have the garden of my dreams. Everything is just SO LOVELY! Your peonies are absolutely beautiful and your books are my very favorites. Can’t wait until October for your newest to come out. Especially excited that it will be on gardens!

  20. Dear Carolyne,

    I forgot to mention I adore the gold bamboo pagoda candle holders in your first photo, and the collection of green covered books. I would like this look in my conservatory.
    Be assured there are many like minded people just waiting for your posts.

    Marie ?

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