Finalizing the Bird Room at Long Last – and a Belated Happy Thanksgiving!


First and Foremost a belated Happy Thanksgiving!  I have just spent the last month in Charleston still working  on the house but also starting to LIVE in the house as well. I had my first guests for a small dinner, celebrated Thanksgiving with my mother and some dear friends, and  I had my first baby cocktail for friends who live in town.  So at long last I am beginning to experience ” Life in Charleston “. I can now get across the Ravanel Bridge to the Whole Foods store without ending up on a totally different island —and can hotfoot  it to King street in 6 minutes. Plus the Camellia Japonicas are starting to bloom!!! I shall be going back in January to see them in their full glory.


The Thanksgiving table set for our first holiday celebration in the library, but more on the library in another post.

I know I have already given you the preview of the partially finished bird room but months later it is finally done —- although still with no curtain decision as yet!!!!  But tonight I am having my first small dinner in Chisholm House and as I was taking pictures for me, I thought you might like to see the dinner table set, the furniture  glazed and faux painted and some of the last touches that have been added. I am spending the month of November in Charleston finishing the endless details of the Chinoiserie room where the fantasy fireplace and Pagoda mirrors are finally in place and Kristin Bunting, the Charleston faux artist, is gold leafing the fireplace surround that arrived from England. By this weekend that work should be done and then the room  will be basically finished.

As you probably know there are many ways to restore a house. In Charleston the tradition of preservation and restoration is very important. That presents a dilema for a designer because  one has one’s own vision of a space and that may be in conflict with a purist perspective on preservation. In the case of the two front rooms, which are the Chinoiserie and the Bird rooms I closed off one door and reopened another in these rooms, removed the Victorian fireplaces, but the original cornice, window surrounds, and deep baseboards were painstakingly cleaned and restored.   This house had NEVER seen a sheet of sandpaper in it’s 177 year history!!! With the Civil War, the poverty of  the south in the war’s aftermath; reconstruction, fires, and the devastating earthquake of 1886 the house accumulated layer up on layer of badly executed paint jobs–just a cover up against the  ravages of time.  During two months in brutal heat with no air conditioning,  two young interns scraped and sanded away while David  Hueske made the plaster moulds to replace the missing pieces to restore the unusual cornice and window surrounds .




This photo does not show the layers and layers of paint and the pieces that were missing but you can see how uneven the floors are.

One can place a ball on the right side and watch it roll to the left. Besides clogged paint there is not a straight line nor a right angle in the house which  is what happens to houses built almost upon marshland. This becomes a source of frustration and a builders nightmare as new cornices in denuded rooms  are added and one puts in linear elements such as a fireplace.

Work photos( above and below ) of the house before I even knew it would be a bird room! The Victorian fireplaces, which burned coal at one time were added in the 1850’s but it is not my style. I  am a classicist —and as the original house is in the Greek Revival vernacular  I preferred  to have a more classical fireplace here. Of course in the next room I let  the designer in me and the long time fantasy to have a Chinoiserie inspired room lead me in another direction.


As I mentioned in an earlier post –I was just going to paint everything white-place some affordable and simple furniture in the house as I determined if, in fact, I wanted to make a life here. But designer instincts always take over, and perhaps that is a good thing, as when we started working we discovered that there were severe structural problems that had not been detected by the structural enginer and had they not been addressed Chisholm house could very easily been compromised by either falling or burning down!



The two above photos show the original crown moulding and the door and window surrounds after the work of master plasterer David  Hueske and his team.

For budgetary reasons  I could not take the restoration back to a museum quality level of restoration but the profiles are much crisper and fresh.





The hurricanes arrived and I bought two small drinks tables in a recent auction to finish the room.


For me the house is only alive once I have flowers in it! The only thing missing this time were some of my pups! But hopefully soon one or two will come down south but as there is still considerable work going on outside I did not want to chance a doggy accident from a gate being left open while work continues.




A finishing touch is this years Christmas present from my mother a beautiful carved English marble urn I have longed for since finding it over two years ago. When not used as a dining room table it has pride of place in the corner.



I love the purity and delicacy of the carving of the urn. Thanks mom….


My first  table setting for  a dinner for four–I just lit the candles for the look while I took the picture– it was prettier at night.



Hard to believe that these plates were bought over 37 years ago when I was still a design assistant and had no idea that I would someday do a Bird Room in Charleston South Carolina!



More birds have been added and as you will see in pictures below the pieces of furniture carved by Jonathan Sainsbury’s team have been glazed and faux painted.


Charleston faux painter Kristin Bunting marbleized the top of the table  and I had her lightly glaze the carved dolphins and the base of the card table that served as our dining table that night.

IMG_2300 IMG_2299

I love the gleeful smiles of the dolphins—a  Jonathan Sainbury reproduction of  a famous English console.

IMG_2305The Quadrille fabric mix.


Finally, back in Connecticut as I watch the freezing rain come down and trying to get myself in gear for the next holiday—( OMG- Christmas in just three weeks) I want to share a  couple of photos of our Thanksgiving night. But first an explanation…..

My mother arrived in Charleston for Thanksgiving two weeks after me and made the declaration that she wanted to dress as Scarlett O’ Hara  for Thanksgiving. We have had this on-going thing in my family about Gone With the Wind….but more ( a lot more)  about that later.

We discovered a costume store —-well really a holiday holdover from Halloween of cheesy  costumes.  Mom thought, without a doubt, that Scarlett was within reach. The only problem was there was no gown made out dark green velvet curtains, or a hat with green ribbons but a polyester mess in purple and pink satin. Walter Plunkett would be turning in his grave! We nixed the thing when we saw that it was also sized for a  36 C cup —- weighing in a full 104 pounds  even my mother in her enthusiasm knew this  would not work!  I suggested,  as it was Thanksgiving , she should look at the costumes for a pilgrim or an Indian… she did not think I was the least bit funny …but called my bluff  and Hiawatha won the day . Here she  is ( in photos below) ready for dinner. Pretty great for an 84 year old lady!!!!  Love her and her spirit!



I hope your Thanksgiving was filled with happiness, joy and good food and that you are not freaking out ( ahem …  as I may start doing ) with Christmas  less than 3 weeks away.!   –CR









118 thoughts on “Finalizing the Bird Room at Long Last – and a Belated Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. You’ve done a beautiful job of restoring the bird room. I love all the gentle blue and the crisp whiteness. It feels light and airy and will probably feel cool in the summer heat. Your mother looks wonderful, and hooray for her for getting into the Thanksgiving spirit. Also, love the glass/crystal chandeliers. I remember when my father took down the brass chandelier in his dining room for favour of a crystal one he bought in my home town Prague. Oh, what a difference to the value of light and reflections in that room! And, Camellias? You lucky girl you. I have to wait till May for my “world’s most beautiful” camellia to come into bloom, but that’s life here in the North West. Take care. We’re not freaking out about Christmas round here, so pop over if you like for a bit of calm. 😀 (Although it may not last as I’m planning the tree up by the 15th) Hope your weekend and week ahead is lovely; you deserve it after all the recent turmoil.

    • thank you for your kind sentiments Veronica. I so agree with you about crystal chandeliers—I include mirrors in that sentiment—they are diamond earrings for a room. Love your beautiful home town of Prague. regards cr

  2. Carolyne.
    You are such an inspiration.
    What a feast of sensational photos!Just glorious to look at.You must have a wonderful feeling of satisfaction to see your vision come to life in such a magnificent way.
    Your mother”s costume is great and she looks lovely!
    As an aside,I went to a talk at the V&A yesterday,on ‘Dressiing Vivien Leigh’ which of course featured the green velvet dress and the original sketches by Walter .Plunkett.I am sure you would have enjoyed it.
    Looking forward to your Christmas Post and am pleased to see you are back on form after your accident.

  3. I’m practically swooning over the blue room with all of the lovely pieces you’ve put together. AND…loving your dear mother for her spirit and spunk. You can literally see her vibrant energy sparkling in her beautiful eyes! Here’s to a calm and peaceful Christmas.

    • Thank you——- and I wish for all of a calm and peaceful holiday—-but also filled with laughter …. so good for the soul best carolyne

  4. Carolyne,

    What a joy to celebrate Thanksgiving in your incomparable house in Charleston. Bird room is beyond beautiful! Hiawatha adds glamour to the occasion.
    most cheerfully and MERRY,

  5. Your mom is one elegant Hiawatha!

    Love the new look of the card table. I can’t believe the top of isn’t real marble — great faux finish.

    I seem to recall your writing some time ago that you thought the kitchen was one of the most successful rooms in the house. Hope you’ll share that with us when it’s finished.

    The bird room is just amazing. There aren’t enough superlatives!

  6. Your house is lovely and your taste impeccable. But hardwood floors are to be cherished and it hurts to have to see them go. Also–is that waxed fruit in the centerpiece of the table? It is my hope they are real apples. Otherwise, I love your style and taste.

    • Hi Anna,
      Yes the apples are real and topped off with sprigs from my holly trees. I agree that hardwood floors can be lovely—-but alas these did not fall into that category—yellow pine with a lots of patching over the years. best cr

    • Thank you gallant Sir. I love your country—and wish you much peace and joy this Christmas–carolyne

      • Dear Carolyne,
        I am so pleased you have favorable impressions of Portugal. I am the Grand Chaplain to the Royal House of Portugal, and I would be very pleased to introduce you to HRH Dom Duarte de Braganza on your next trip. There may be some places and things you have not already seen, and I would be happy to assist.

        If you have an interest please contact me at the email address registered to this site.

        Many Blessings,
        Father John Guilbert Mariani

        • Dear Father Mariani,

          I do love the beauty of Portugal but even more importantly I love the skill of the many artisans in your country. I say your country but are you from Brazil or Italy. -I assumed that Mariani was an Italian name.
          I Love the beauty of the Palace of Queluz and the magnificent library at the university in Coimbra. Plus the food is divine.
          I may be working on a design project that could be sourced in Portugal and so who knows maybe I shall be able to come to Portugal—-but if not for work just to see more beauty!
          Thank you for your kind email.

  7. Thank you for sharing with all of us. You are living out one of my dreams, that being to live in Charleston. Every photo is breathtakingly gorgeous. But the cherry on top are the two adorable pictures of your mother. What a beautiful woman. She already exudes that certain “southern gentile charm”. It appears Charleston suits her to a T.

    • Thank you Terry—-I am in the process of really discovering charleston—mom thanks you as well—cr

  8. Thanksgiving is best shared with family… how fun to have mother with spirit! My mother was with me as well. It was a wonderful day…

  9. Since your last post I have been checking in, checking in, checking in for some badly needed CR inspiration. You did not disappoint! Chisholm House is absolutely beautifully amazing down to every last detail, and your mother is darling (and fun – the apple didn’t fall far from the tree). Congratulations on your fulfilled vision and especially on your stamina! Best wishes for a Happy Christmas, which I just know will be lovely, in spite of any “freaking out”. And now I must go back and look at your pictures again (and again….).

    • Susan —THANK YOU for not giving up on me with the infrequency of my posts—I do them by myself and thus life gets in the way and blog posts take a back seat. best cr

  10. Your home is extraordinary! It’s so wonderful to still see individuals (like yourself) live in such extraordinary beauty.
    Being an interior designer for over 30 yrs, we see the market change so drastically. Even with the economy why
    can’t young people accept that living in beauty can enrich their lives. So refreshing to me to always read and view
    your blogs to simply get lost in the beauty. I have several of your books and also enjoy reading and viewing the
    many photographs you share with us.
    Continued good health. I haven’t seen an update on your recent health issues. May God speed you to full recovery.
    Donna Chappel
    Donna Chappel INteriors

  11. Oh, Carolyne, it’s always such a treat to find you in my inbox. AND your mom is a treasure. She looks so much like you…or I should say, you look so much like her. 😉 Your rooms and tablescapes are so awesome. Thanks for taking the time to share despite your busy schedule and Christmas on the horizon. Don’t freak! You know your Christmas will be wonderful just as it always is. You know it and I know it. Just relax and enjoy. Thanks again. XOXOOX

    • YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!! All will be well and thank you for reminding me to remember that! warm regards carolyne

  12. In a word, the house is fabulous. Your taste is incredible and just looking at the photos keeps me smiling.

    I LOve that your mother has such a wonderful sense of humour!


    Best Regards from one who loves decorating!

  13. Exquisite plasterwork, much sharper indeed, what a visual delight!

    We once lived in a home with uneven floors, anything placed in the middle of the master bedroom would roll to the far corners post haste. Many a fitful night was filled with dreams of waking to find bed, husband and all in the kitchen one floor below.

    In closing that photo of your mother makes me happy. It radiates, rather, she radiates, joy.

    • So understand those floors happy you did not end up sleeping in the kitchen —-thanks from my mom! cr

  14. Thank you for sharing your exquisite home’s progress and table scapes with us. Each detail is a delicate balance of masterful craftsmanship and visual beauty. I have enjoyed a number of your books and feel quite privileged to see these peeks into the progress of your restoration. Your mother is as lovely as you. Best Regards.

  15. Your mother looked beautiful. I do hope you have recovered completely from your recent injury. Love Charleston and Mt. Pleasant. Spent many hours in Whole Foods there also. Your home is wonderful.

  16. Dear Carolyne,

    Thank goodness you are back. I was worried that you may be unwell. I suppose we are selfish to want more of your pictures, but I need to see the green room, I don’t think I can wait much longer. Love everything you do.
    By the way, many try with tablescapes, but yours are by far the best.


    • Thank you Marie—-some day I hope to get to your country —my beaux is australian and is pissed that I have not been there but the tickets are so expensive yikes!!!! cr

  17. dear carolyne,

    perfectly beautiful – bravo!

    but what else would a house of yours be..?

    my favorite room growing up was another dear friend’s blue-and-white salon.

    and my friend (since we were six!) brock cutting’s grandmother leased clayton verey (sp?) long before he was born and instead of rent agreed to restore all the staggering chinoiserie.chinese chippendale stuccos in the house.

    we used to love to think we were descended from pocahontas but, alas, that was debunked in my adulthood: her one child (born in england) died before producing progeny.

    please forgive me for my silence since your bike tumble last summer.

    i’m guessing aspen will not see you this xmas?

    love to you, simon and mom,


    (thanksgiving: newport, bracketed by a week on each side on block island finishing my paul flato article!)

    • Dear Christopher,
      Damn it start writing all of this down!!!!!!!!!There is a book in you so get to work young man!!! xixx carolyne not coming to aspen this year for the holidays just too much to handle xoxoxoxo

    • I have always loved red!! in gowns and rooms and flowers and jewels even book bindings and lipstick!! So thanks Margaret cr

  18. Carolyne…I positively adore the bird room. The color, furniture, and gorgeous mirror. Your Thanksgiving table is breathtaking! I certainly know where you get your good looks and lively spirit from!! Your Mother is extraordinary. Have a wonderful week.

  19. You had me at blue and white and now birds! My dream room…I’d never leave! Thank you Carolyn for your beautiful design inspiration. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  20. It is so wonderful to see the stages of renovation. To see new breath of life in this old home. The bird room is magnificient and the color blue is so serene. I see so much of your mom in you. She is so beautiful and looks like she a lot of fun! Many years of happiness in your house!

  21. I stumbled across this on a Facebook link. What a beautiful “restoration” taking place in that wonderful ole place. I live one block over & enjoy seeing the improvements (when I’m out walking my puppy). Seeing the pictures brings back memories of being in that home (my Mother’s dear friends lived there). It was grand then, but it is now in it’s glory. My camellia’s are still blooming, too. I just love them.

    Welcome to the neighborhood & for keeping that grand dame in style:)


        • Ahhhh yes, they tend to do that, don’t they? Ours is an old family house on S. Battery that I have a love/hate relationship with……Kim

    • Thank you Kimberly—I am looking forward to spending more time in that lovely city and I am sure we meet in the ” hood” merry Christmas carolyne

      • Merry Christmas to you:) I shared these pics with my Mom. Her childhood friends lived there and she was in awe of the restoration. We appreciate that the it is in keeping with the historical Charleston tradition.

  22. Dear Carolyne,

    Mark D Sikes has an article on you. Just in case you don’t know.


  23. Love what you’re done to this room, and your mother absolutely glows! Hope you’re feeling better, and thank your great talents! Happy Holidays!

  24. Carolyne, thank you so much for trusting me for a self-guided tour in your house while you and Kristen Foster were finalizing some details. You will love Charleston more each day. I know from my experience of 34 years in this
    lovely city! Happy Yuletide!

  25. What was the line of candles on your dining room table for your Thanksgiving dinner in the gold containers ?! The containers were very chic ! Would love to know ! Thanks, JC

    • Hi John–i am not sure I understand do you mean the gold containers? I bought in France—-if you send me an email at i will give you the name of the shop —I cannot remember off the top of the head—-they are located in the Marais—but beware the wax melts out through the lattice work and they get very hot -cr

  26. I am in love with your home. You are an outstanding designer and I am always thrilled to see and read about your new ideas for both your homes and gardens. I hope you are feeling better and that your surgery is healing well. Your Mother looks great! I can’t wait to see the rest of this lovely home in the future…..the gardens too!

    • Thanks Moira
      The gardens are slowing down while i replenish the piggy bank but will keep posting—my mother thanks you—cr

  27. Everything looks wonderful with your new home and your mother is wonderful too. She (and you?) would love the ‘Gone With the Wind’ exhibit at the Harry Ransom Center on the UT Austin campus. It goes through January 4 or 5 and showcases the restoration of several of the gowns. Most notably the curtain gown and about four others. They are not behind glass and I took my camera (not my phone) and took some amazing pictures. I went with my 94-year-old mother-in-law. At one point the docent talked about the studio having a mail-in contest where people could vote for who they thought should be Scarlett. My MIL whispered to me that she had voted for Betty Davis. and I’d venture a guess that she was the only one present who could make that claim.

    • Lisa that is a great story which this morning i told to my partner simon on this day of the 75th anniversary of the debut in atlanta.

  28. Once again, the magnificence of your talent does not disappoint! Simply beautiful and inspiring – what a lovely evolution to see the raw space transform into the calmness we now see as the lovely and serene beautiful bird room. Your tables are always outstanding and both the setting for 4 and your Thanksgiving table in the library are memorable. Your mother is beautiful — she clearly enjoyed the day! What a memorable Thanksgiving you must have spent! I just want to see MORE, MORE, MORE!

    Thank you always for sharing your gifts with all of us!
    I loved it all!

  29. Your Mother is beautiful, like you! Both of you have that spirit! Now I know where you get it. She must have inspired you, too, in your great taste and design! Everything is so lovely! Merry Christmas!

    • Thanks Martha—nose and brain comes from mom but what ever talent comes from my grandmother—my mother calls it the gene jump!!!! cr

  30. Oh Carolyne, what beautiful rooms you have created! You truly have divine taste and the most consistent and extraordinary eye for detail…and the BEST sense of color. Please keep the photos coming!
    Your mother is so adorable!!
    Sending warmest regards,

  31. Your mom is tremendous with her contagious smile and sparkling spirit! What a fun night! I am absolutely breathless with your Bird Room, I have no words other than it’s extraordinarily beautiful! I love the color of the room, the carved furniture, the lovely urn from your mom, the perfect Chinoiserie plates… I just realized I was going to name everything! Thank you for sharing with us your gorgeous design, no body does it better! I am going back to view and absorb this glorious space.

    I pray your feeling completely better! Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas! Rié

  32. glad to see you recovered from your horrible fall and back to inspiring me again. Happy Holidays!!!!

  33. Carolyne,

    Your bird room is so lovely! I love what you are doing with your Charleston home.
    I live 30 minutes from Charleston in Summerville. We are pleased to have you as our neighbor.


    • Thank you Betty,

      I feel very welcome in my new neighborhood.

      I am very pleased also to have you as my neighbor


      • I was in Charleston today so I drove by your house. The pictures don’t do it justice, it is absolutely beautiful!
        Any chance you will ever have it on tour when you finish remodeling?

        • Just don’t know Betty—I have so much work to do in the garden so when that is done we shall see. cr

  34. Hi Carolyne,

    I do hope you are continuing to heal?. From your flights between Charleston and New York, etc. I am assuming you are.

    What I have always loved about your posts are those which entail your table settings. They are simply beautiful. The Thanksgiving table was a splendid. I am particularly taken by the red shaded candlesticks on the table. Is there a history behind them? I have not seen a set like these before.

    As Roz Russell said in Auntie Mame “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! No one ever said it better on film.

    Warmest Regards, Adrian C. Markocki

    • Hi Adrian,

      Yes. I am healing better and faster than I expected. Thank you for asking.

      I don’t know if the red shaded candlestick have a history beside that I waited for them 9 months to arrive!!!

      Just joking. I got them from Marvin Alexander in NY. They are very nice and helpful there and I am sure they will tell you the history behind it.

      Have a Healthy and Happy New Year!


  35. It is all lovely! Could you please tell us the paint color of the room? Hoping that you are 100% recovered from your fall!

    • The color is called Meditative but my middle ages mind cannot remember if it is Sherwin Williams or B and M but i think it is the later cr

      • Thank you so much! Have a wonderful Holiday Season! I have loved all of your books. They help with a lot of ideas! Thank you for helping.

  36. Carolyne Roehm these lovely interiors put a smile on me and a great high. Wonderful to see the soft and gentle way that you have restored the rooms. All the lessons on how to cultivate a living room are there, wish that I could as easily guide my clients. Allan Reyes/Palm Beach

    • Hi Allan,

      Thank you for your comment. I agree, it is not easy to guide the clients but, that is why they hire us!!!!

      Good luck


  37. Carolyne,
    I hope this finds you well!
    The plates you have set each table with are gorgeous. (Are the octagonal ones Wedgewood?) And the Vermeil flatware! Is this American or French?
    As a young 20-something with a love affair for a storied place setting and a head start on collecting, I’d love your input on a hunt; I’m looking to start another china pattern.
    Currently I have collected early pieces of India Tree – by Copeland Spode, and although I love the rusts and the iridescent, I find that it sets a very particular table. (I’m looking for something I can piece together over time.)
    I have been looking at Meissen’s Blue Onion but I’m not hosting very many brunch/breakfasts and I don’t know how well the light tracery of the design on the plate would translate to a dinner setting/ I feel like it’s overdone (although I love blue!)
    Are there any patterns you have found to be appropriate for both a luncheon and dinner that are not in the price range of say Flora Danica (which I also love, but no budget for this yet!). — I CAN NOT WAIT to see your chinoiserie room, I bet the fireplace is stunning! Your writing and designs, have provided so much inspiration, it is a real treat to continue to see how your transform your new home.

    Best Regards,

    • Hi Stefen,
      Oddly the octagonal plates are French —I bought them years ago in a small shop on the Rue Jacob—I cannot tell you the mark until I return to Charleston. The vermeil flatware is an old pattern that I had remade by Aspreys years ago — I shudder to think what I paid for it —it was close to 30 years ago. I need to think about your question I have just always loved plates and just collected regardless of my financial situation at the time. perhaps the light bulb will go off. best carolyne

  38. Carolyne,
    What a glorious room! Once again you have given us an inspiring and beautiful post. I appreciate all the work that has gone into restoring this home and I love hearing about the details on how you have carefully selected all of the furnishing and appointments for the bird room. On your table in the first picture, I especially love the gold “cages” with the trefoil pattern that hold what I believe are candles. What are these objects called? I have never seen them before and they are so distinctive.

    Thank you for your constant inspiration!

    • Hi Jessica—I will have to get back to you —or better email as she can tell you the name of the place in Paris i bought them three years ago—- it a wonderful shop in the Marais. They are like little lanterns very pretty but not practical as I discovered when I finally used them. Due to the build up of heat the wax melts and seeps out the lattice work—and they get very hot ! but will post the info non the less. thanks cr

  39. It is sooo beautiful I am the red-haired woman who spoke to you in The Boutique day after Thanksgiving. Glad you are recovered and having fun in Charleston. It is an elegant and engaging town that steals your heart the moment you set foot there. I wish you peace and health this holiday season.

    • Marie—I want to discover that —-have just spent so much time working that I have only a small sense of what Charleston offers—looking forward to discovering more. regards carolyne

  40. Carolyne I have so enjoyed your books, website, and inspiration over the years. Your Charleston home is lovely and will surely seem like home once your doggies arrive. I know I never feel at home until I walk in and find mine greeting me at the door. Thanks for taking the time to share your renovations and labor of love. Love the black and white floor. The little pop of yellow flowers is absolutely you, perfect touch! Hope you enjoy all the charms of living in Charleston.

  41. Thank you for sharing your home with us. Living an hour from Charleston, my husband kids me that I have become a Charleston street walker. I absolutely love to look at the gardens and the homes. Getting to see the inside of one is a real treat.

  42. What a triumph Chisholm House is for you! I adore blue and white, and your furnishings in the bird room are pitch perfect, right down to the Niermann Weeks Swedish chandelier that I’ve been pining away for practically forever. And I must say I have never seen an urn quite like the one you received from your mother. It is stunning.

    Good luck on the remainder of your restoration! I look forward to seeing more Chisholm House.

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