Beautiful, Brilliant,Blissful Bulbs

bulbs holland05h*

Beside their beauty the actual volume of flowers planted is astounding


  i love the swaths of tulips going down to the water and the grace of those old trees framing the edges of the lake

I just escaped the snow that hit Richmond VA. (where I was speaking to a lovely group of ladies) shutting down the airport and forcing me to drive to D.C. and catch a last minute flight to Aspen. Being back east was making me  begin to despair that we will ever see spring.  So seated at my desk in Aspen, I searched for some pictures that I took last year on my trip to see the bulbs of Holland. I have dreamt for years of going to there when the bulbs are in bloom. I discovered that this is actually a rather long period of time starting in early March and continuing well into May. The range of bulbs is astounding and the experience certainly lived up to the photos I had seen over the years. Based on that experience this last fall I rethought my tulip and narcissus— in fact all of my bulb planting  at Weatherstone and when and if those blossoms ever get the courage to pop through the ground I will be posting pictures of them. But with the ground frozen with more bad weather on the way I thought you might enjoy some photos of my trip to Keukenhof and to the fabulous baroque garden at Het Loo.

Keukenhof is the worlds largest garden and each season 32 hectare are planted with 7,000,000 bulbs

bulbs holland06

 Wild about these Fritillaria Imperialis ‘Rubra Maxima’

I have always been fascinated by the varieties of fritillaries so this year I added them to my bulb beds at Weatherstone.

het loo 04.22.11-9


Mt watercoloring attempt of a fritillary-- a study after Mr. Marshall original

My watercoloring attempt of a fritillary– a study after Mr. Marshall’s  original


IMG_1192IMG_1245IMG_1181bulbs holland09hIMG_1138

These are the fields of flowers one see along the roads in Holland—amazing!

bulbs holland04h

I love the ribbons of color at Keukenfof


Simon in the tulip fieldsbulbs holland03hIMG_1167IMG_1196


Happy Spring! from cr

18 thoughts on “Beautiful, Brilliant,Blissful Bulbs

  1. Lovely and inspiring; if only I did not live in Key West at this time of the year !

  2. Springtide,

    when pinto pansy and daffodil pied

    and crocus from their corm,

    and reigning riot of forsythia’s hue
    relegate winter’s pall. 

    This lively launch –
    sprout by bud by blossom,
    sight by scent by sound -

    when Dog’s Mercury, Saturn’s snowdrop,
    and Frey’s good grace

    collude, mosey, meander
    and soft underfoot

    the long labors forgotten,

    the rhizome begotten.

  3. Carolyne,
    The most beautiful images ! It is so lovely to visit these glorious scenes through your blog.
    Thank you for your creativity and sharing !

  4. Truly beautiful! Love these pictures! Tulips are my absolute favorite but all of these flowers are glorious! Now I know why I was simply in love with our new tissue and ribbon that was delivered to the shop today! All colors of these wonderful flowers!

  5. I think the Groundhog lied! We are still in winter’s grip down here in the South. I’m grateful for my splashes of color…pansie, quince, forsythia, and daffodils but your photographs are absolutely stunning! Such color!! I can’t imagine life without flowers and the color they bring to our lives!!!

    Thank you for sharing!!!

  6. Dear Carolyne
    So Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your blog. I just love your creativity.

  7. Dear Carolyne:

    These gorgeous photographs remind me of previous trips to my favorite garden — the Keukenhof — although I don’t remember the flowers and bulbs looking so stunning as the images you’ve captured through your camera lens.

    Your watercolor painting is simply marvelous. I hope you will continue to display your artwork on future postings.


  8. Tulips are my absolute favorite flower! I am (im)patiently waiting for the hundreds of bulbs I planted last fall to bloom, but winter doesn’t want to loosen its grip here in New Hampshire. Another sleet & ice warning this morning 🙁 These pictures bring a welcome splash of color into my world this morning 😀

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