Vladimir artist and artisan II

I am gratified that so many of you are as excited about Vladimir Kanevsky’s work as I am. It is so important that we cherish artists who not only work with inspired vision and intellect, but actually craft objects by hand. I love the fact that Vladimir makes almost all of these things by himself … these delicate petals are created and joined together by his own hand. I have always adored the artisanal aspect of creation — shoe makers, embroiderers, carvers of furniture — my admiration for those who work with their hands is enormous.

And now to some more photos of Vladimir’s work, starting with a few shots in his studio when he was working on the project for my Flowers book party and exhibit in New York.

These are the parrot tulip blossoms after the first firing. A breathtaking moment!




These are extremely fragile during molding and firing because the shapes are so large. Doing this ‘super sized’ flower was a new experiment for Vladimir.



Vladimir told me how he created the molds — complex to understand and explain. Each step is unique, painstaking, and shows the artist’s hand.



There are so many steps in the process of creating one of Vladimir’s beautiful compositions of porcelain flowers. Design, technical sketches, molds, carving patterns for cutting the copper leaves and stems, the firing of the porcelain, the painting of the colors and then firing again, the pottery aspect of the pots, vases and containers, shaping the metal stems, and so many other steps that I have not included here! It is a long and delicate process, the essence of design, craft, and artistry — as well as the antithesis of our assembly-line world that pours out boring masses of homogeneous product. We must treasure and support the Vladimirs of the world, or we will become impoverished as a creative civilization.


After firing the flowers, creating the appropriate container, and determining the movement and shape of the composition, Vladimir begins to put the elements together.


Many, many hours of work, and many varied elements must be forged together to create an object of beauty… see the following photos.


I love white roses . . . note the rose hips, so artfully placed.


IMG_0528 (1)




Peonies!  Note the amazingly detailed stamens.


I love and own many of these beautiful small flowers from Vladimir. He recently created a new woven container which I think is very chic and sophisticated. He is always analyzing and learning, pushing himself. There are many who try to copy his style and products these days (though I think rather crudely), but he moves ahead, leaving the imitators far behind.

IMG_0604 (2)

Beyond their charm and beauty, these smaller flowers are a great way to begin a collection. They are affordable and work everyplace in the home: on a table, in a guest bath, on a bedside table. Just be sure to place them where they will be seen and appreciated regularly!

IMG_0608 (1)

Another pot of pure charm….


I love his technique in creating these blackberries..do they not look ready to eat?

I love his technique in creating these blackberries..do they not look ready to eat?

I don't remember if I featured this marvelous hollyhock up close.

I don’t remember if I featured this marvelous hollyhock up close.



There are still so many things to show, you but it is time for bed!   I leave  this lovely image to bid you goodnight….cr


Vladimir Kanevsky can be reached at (201) 592-1176 or online at http://www.vladimircollection.com/





8 thoughts on “Vladimir artist and artisan II

  1. Carolyne —
    Thank you so much for sharing photos of Vladimir Kanevsky’s incredible work. Everything he creates appears to be real. Mr. Kanevsky is to floral sculpture what Grainger McKoy is to wildlife sculpture — both fantastic and brilliant!

  2. Thank you , Carolyne. These are breathtakingly beautiful and inspiring. He is just amazing.

  3. Thank you for sharing the photos of Vladamir’s work. His knowledge, patience, perfection shows in his art and of course the fact that he makes these beautiful pieces by hand – a true gift. Absolutely Wonderful!

  4. These flowers are so beautiful. Where can I buy these flowers in Europe?



  5. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!I have not seen his work here on the WEST COAST!I too thought the blackberries were real!A true ARTISAN.I patiently am awaiting SPRING here as you are too on the EAST COAST even more so then us!My Clematis is starting to pop with green sprouts of new growth……….so exciting!I have one growing over the chicken coop praying the feathered beasties will not bite the main stem!Thanks for sharing this artist with all of us.I will look for his work in the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA.

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