Welcome to My New Site!

Dear Friends,

Thank you for all your kind words and messages over the years since I launched my website for my collection of gift-wrap, ribbons, and gifts.

Back in 2005 when I began my website, I wanted to share with you some of the beautiful things from all over the world that I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying. Seven years later this desire hasn’t changed, although I did shut down the commerce portion of the site. I realized that in order to stay current, my website needed to be re-vamped.

I am very pleased to announce that the new Carolyne Roehm website is now launched. I have worked with a dedicated group of people who have diligently strived to help me create the website and patiently guided this not so computer savvy user though the technical aspects. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and lord knows what else is mind boggling to me but I do like learning new things. A friend of mine told me once I must stay abreast of big cultural changes whether I embraced them or not. So here goes…

The main focus of the website is now my blog, with stories, recipes, hints and links to products that I adore.  I love sharing what I learn on my travels and hope you will enjoy some of my photos and insights I have gathered on my voyages.  I have taken some of the stories from my online magazine CR Style for my friends on Facebook  that may not yet have seen them.

Again, thank you all for your support over the years, it has helped me immeasurably and I am constantly touched by your kindness and sincerity. Hope you enjoy this new venture.

Warmest regards,


39 thoughts on “Welcome to My New Site!

  1. So glad you are back! I also have a passion for blue and white, and all beautiful things.

  2. Hey! You’re back! I’ve been hoping that you would redesign your site. I’ve loved visiting you in the past years. Looking forward to more posts, more books, more Carolyne. 🙂

  3. Glad to see the site again Have all your books and enjoy looking at them as I have them on the coffee table. So pleased that you will share some of your class with us. Thank You again and I look forward to your new revamped website. Carol

  4. Carolyn,

    Your website is simply lovely. One could spend hours going through it and want to come back for more!
    Kudo’s to you…You may also want to be on *PIN* ~maureen

  5. Oh, what great news – you’re back ! I’ve missed your site – thank goodness for my collection of your books. The beauty you bring to everything , even the simple things, well, it’s contagious. I’ll be a regular visitor to this lovely new site.

  6. How delightful to find your blog via Pigtown Design. I look forward to following it, and having it as inspiration. I know how much work a blog can be, so appreciate the time and effort here. Many thanks, Reggie

  7. Dear Caroline, your site is wonderful, the flowers, the colours are a joy for my heart. Your style is a source of inspiration. I live in Naples, Italy, if y ou come one day here, please come to see me. Arrivederci e buon lavoro!

  8. The new site is lovely, and I’m especially intrigued by the teaser about Charleston. It’s a very handsome exterior, can’t wait to see what is revealed.

  9. Great to see the beautiful new site!! Just tried to friend you on Facebook and the message read– “Site has reached maximum number of friends” Too bad for me, but it shows that your fans are glad to have CR back online!

  10. Great to hear from you again. I’ve been a fan for years, have all of your books and blue and white have always been my favorite color combination. One guest room is devoted to those colors and I find it so soothing to sit and read amongst my blue treasures…I’m also a fan of beautiful gift wrap and embellishing things so that friends and family appreciate the outside of the box as well as what’s inside….Have a beautiful autumn – my favorite time of the year!

  11. welcome back! although being absorbed in your books while absent wasnt punishing….your work provides such needed relief to the over the top ADD world we live in;so glad you continue the age of grace and detail ( and at times economy) while others partake in disposable society. well done to the beautiful and visual website, but by now we expect no less:)

  12. I’m glad you are sharing all the eye candy again. So inspirational. I am hoping you will put a link on your website so I can follow via posts directly into my email so I see them immediately. I also wanted to mention how fabulous your photos are as well as the content. Truly feeds my soul. Thanks so much.

  13. Have always been a big fan of yours. Been following you for ovefr 10 years. Love your style, the simplicity and so classyand elegant. You are my inspiration and when I grow up, I want to be just like you (smile). Your new look is fabulous as always.

  14. Very beautiful website and design it is inspiring and makes me feel good and if you don’t do anything at all in your life putting a smile on someones face is worth a fortune and you put a smile on my face when I opened your site. Thank you for making the world a more beautiful place. Joe Geppert

  15. So happy seeing your return and the revamping of your site. Congradulations Carolyne! I’m looking forward to learning more.
    All my best,
    Michael Ryan

  16. Bravo Carolyne – congratulations on the beautiful new site. Thank you for continuing to share your impeccable taste with your fans. You teach all of us the importance of beauty in every aspect of our daily life. You share not only what is lovely but tell us why we should appreciate each detail. Great job – I can’t wait to see your new book on November 6.

  17. I live through you vicariously!

    Thanks for coming back!

    Teresa in California

  18. Greetings from Australia!
    I am loving your new site and look forward to being further inspired by your design and style.

  19. Glad you´re back! A fan from Montevideo, Uruguay. You,re an inspiration!
    Wish you the best

    alba inés

  20. Wonderful to find you on the net..I have long been enchanted by your designs of flowers and table settings and everything beautiful!

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