My Restored Greenhouse Dinner

I spent most of this spring restoring the old Weatherstone greenhouse, a place full of charm — and full of holes. As it is not really the working green house, only the place where the gardeners had lunch and stored tools and pots, I decided that I would turn it into a ‘garden feature’ —  another sort of garden room. (The huge hoop house behind the main cutting and vegetable garden is the real workhorse, where plants are stored for winter and all of the seedlings are started.) How in the world I decided that I would do the scraping and cleaning, along with my assistant Rosa, is still a mystery to me — but we got it done! We painted and cleaned while Pepe and his team and Vicky hammered, sanded, and remodeled. After so much effort I was ready for a celebration, so I invited ten friends for dinner in the ‘new’ greenhouse.   We all judged it a very agreeable place to spend a summer evening.

Me—- not looking my best!!

We pulled out old shelves for the modest rebuild to begin.  I wanted to keep things very simple, so on the old warming tables (with ancient heaters underneath) I placed large pots of white geraniums that I get from a wonderful Connecticut grower. I have had some of these plants for five years, and they dazzle all winter and summer long.  For my greenhouse inaugural dinner, I chose smaller pots of geraniums for the table decoration.  A simple secret: as the small table geraniums did not have many blooms,  I  plucked blossoming stems from the larger plants and stuck them into the little pots.   I had watered the soil well, and those additional blooms lasted well into the next day!  You know the old adage, “necessity is the mother of invention”!!!!!

This is the photo the greenhouse after all of the work–simple but clean and neat!

Click on the gallery to see more pictures of the finished green house the night of the dinner.

7 thoughts on “My Restored Greenhouse Dinner

  1. I love this greenhouse and how you’re showing your hard working REAL self. It is a beautiful space made with lots of love, a perfect place to entertain!
    Enjoy all year ’round!

  2. This is fabulous. And I agree with your other commenters that it is a pleasure to see you digging in here. People often ask me who is responsible for doing all the work around our house and grounds. While we have a number of very able and dedicated helpers to assist us (and upon whom we gratefully depend to do a lot of hard work), people are often surprised to learn that, yes, I do polish the silver and (occasionally) willingly do a load of laundry or two, and I actually enjoy an afternoon spend tidying up the barn! Bravo, Ms. Roehm! Reggie

  3. Carolyne it looks lovely. I took a photo of it a few years ago when I went to your home for the Trade Secrets tour. How exciting. Good for you. May you have much luck with it and many memories.
    Lisa Fernandez

  4. Hi Carolyne, I have always desired to have my studio live in an old green house. This is stunning Bella.I trust you remember me from Tinsel Trading in Manhattan I was the creative director. I now go back & forth from California. I do miss the East. Congratulations on your new blog . Well done , Roe

  5. Superb… wonderful…. talented… creative…..first class…. Thank you Carolyne for giving me a few minutes of unutterable pleasures browsing through your website.

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