NYSD: The Way They Live

Carolyne Roehm is one of those people who, whatever their origins, has been born a thoroughbred filled with nervous energy and tensed for a demanding race that they set up for themselves. Unsurprisingly, she is tall, lean and elegant. There is a taut quality to her poise, and even her diction, which, despite certain unguarded moments, is very careful. But all of this is tempered by honesty, a sense that she is also quite vulnerable and cares greatly what others think. She is clearly a tremendously hard worker, having had a career in fashion design followed by a string of books on flowers and stylish living. Interestingly, despite her famous marriage to Henry Kravis and the whole Bonfire of the Vanities circus of that time, she now sees herself, probably truthfully, as something of a loner.
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One thought on “NYSD: The Way They Live

  1. What a delightful, candid article! So refreshing and fun to read….I can’t wait to check
    my guest rooms to see if I put all your great ideas to work! (I’m sure I missed something!)

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