Vibrant color in the Forbidden City

One of the wonders of travel as an artistic person is to see a use of color and pattern that is radically different from the culture in which I live. Every trip offers a new world from which to learn and expand one’s vision.

I love the exotic mix of vibrant color that one finds in Asia and the Far East–the boldness is in stark contrast to what one finds so often in our Western culture.

The colors of the Forbidden City are strong and bold, there is nothing subtle or subdued. I have found this to be true of so much of Asia and the Far East.

One thought on “Vibrant color in the Forbidden City

  1. The colors are vibrant…the blue hangings in the roofline picture above need to be in a new Blue and White of the Orient Book! Many thanks for your inspirations shared with so many….come back tothe San Francisco Antique Show soon!

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