Fountainebleau a Splendid Fantasy of a Hall

This is one of the most amazing halls I have ever seen. On a recent trip to France I was lucky to have my friend Emmanuel du Champ take me to Fontainebleau. I had not been in a zillion years and of course my eyes have changed over time. (not just my eyesight–  but my ability to SEE). The more experience, the more one refines one’s eye, thus changing how we see. I was startled at my reaction to this amazing hall  with the wonderful wall paintings and the early copies, after the antique, of these great bronze sculptures. I do not remember feeling this way before. How strong or better yet, bold and in a sense modern, this looks to me. Whereas I am sure my focus when I was younger was on the more feminine rooms of the chateau, this magnificent hall has greater appeal to me now than it did when I was younger.  I have much more to write about the other rooms and share some of the pictures I took of this multifaceted and multi- period chateau, but in terms of impact this hall was significant.

3 thoughts on “Fountainebleau a Splendid Fantasy of a Hall

  1. I, too, looked at this particular hall with older (but wiser!) eyes. I think as we mature our sense of aesthetic changes, and becomes more defined. This is not to say that I don’t appreciate the pastels and flourishes of 18th century France, it simply means that the scope of my tastes have broadened and fermented!
    Thank you for sharing these lovely photos.

  2. i would love to know where your beautiful hurricane lamps in your lovely library are from.

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